Patti Storm


Originally from northern Wisconsin, but now live in Minnesota in the Twin Cities area.

I attended my first Share Your Faith Conference this weekend and was made aware of this community.

I am not sure how I will use this or how much. I find much encouragement from hearing others share their faith so I will start there.

Have a blessed evening!



Hi, @patti.l.storm :wave: Welcome to Connect :slight_smile:

Indeed, there is much to be encouraged from the testimonies of the brethren. And you will find a lot of that in this forum. I actually spend more time here in Connect than in FB or LI due to more intimate engagement. Best of all I have learned that this is another avenue of serving the Lord’s work of edifying the brethren and reaching the lost; something I won’t regret getting"addicted" to.

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Welcome Patti, Feel free to share all the Q&A you can as you search the site. Hello from the West Virginia mountains and your brother and friend in Christ. Bless you as you share and journey with all of us.


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Thanks, Mike!

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