Paul Baciuc

Hello everyone! :smiley:
My name is Paul and I’m a student from Romania. Ever since I discovered Ravi Zacharias by reading some of his books and watching him online, I’ve fell in love with apologetics, or more specifically with the fact that God is the God of all truth. And being a rather analytical, cerebral kind of person, it’s such an amazing thought that the mind doesn’t need to be put aside when worshiping God. However, I noticed that as I grow in my faith, the questions that I have grow in number and Connect seems such an amazing community in which to be open about my questions and struggles.
And as I’m being helped to grow spiritually and intelectually, I want to do my very best to help other image bearers in Connect in any way I can.
May God bless you all! :grin:


Hi @PaulBaciuc! It is exciting to hear that you are on this wonderful journey of loving the Lord with all your heart, mind, and strength. We are pleased that you have found Connect to be a place where you can explore your questions, discuss them with fellow believers, and disciple your intellect. We hope this community is a blessing to you as you both grow and serve others. Welcome to Connect!


Welcome my friend,
I am from the USA and it is great to have you share your Q&A with us as we grow in our understanding of truth. While i don’t feel we will ever comprehend the complete truth because of our finite mind, we can like Paul press toward that upward call in Christ Jesus. Only when we put on immortality will we see more clearly. I have thought on that aha moment over the last thirty years of my walk with Christ and just set there amazed at His amazing grace. May your journey be filled with wonder and awe.



Welcome @PaulBaciuc,
Good to see that you have questions. They are your best teachers; don’t let them go away until you find answers and through this process you will grow in your faith and understanding of our Lord. This is a good place to find answers to some questions and also help others with questions similar to yours. Hope to have some good conversations with you.


Welcome aboard @PaulBaciuc. You are so right truth is so good and the connection between the heart and the mind is a designed thing. So glad that you were able to get excited about apologetics. Thank you for coming alongside us and sharing. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi, Paul.
Very welcome, brother!
Just to connect as I agree with your statements about mind, faith and worship. I also have resources for various themes in Science, Philosophy and other issues.
Blessings, Aldo