Paul Blaquera

Hi everyone!

I’m Paul Blaquera, a father of 2 and a husband of 1.

I’m from the Philippines and I heard about RZIM Connect after I completed the Core Module. I wanted to join immediately because there are some questions I currently have that I honestly don’t know who to ask!

I hope in some way, I can also offer my view on things based on what I’ve learned from my studies and from what I’ve experienced as a Christian.

God bless!


@pkblaquera Hi Paul! That sounds so great. I’ll look out for your questions and look forward to reading them. This is the place to ask them! :grinning:


@pkblaquera Nice to meet you!

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@pkblaquera Welcome to RZIM Connect, Paul! I’m so glad you have joined and found a place you can ask those questions that are on your mind! I am sure the Core Module has stirred up as many questions as it has answered: good study does that! It brings us new understanding…but also personal formation in humility! So pleased to have you participating in this community and hope you will feel ready to share your questions and chime into discussions where you feel you have helpful insight to share with the questioner! Again, welcome!


Hi Paul and welcome :slightly_smiling_face:. It seems the more we come to know our God the more questions we end up having. I am sure that you will find this a safe and open environment to freely ask questions and input into discussions.

God bless


Welcome Paul, please feel free to ask any questions you like? I am looking forward to respectful, loving, and caring answers to your questions. RZIM is an open forum so all can be comfortable in sharing. Thank you for signing in and becoming a new friend to all.


You can also contribute by asking your questions! I look forward to them!


Welcome and God bless you!
I enjoy this forum, and love lifting all of you to our Father, in our lovely Jesus, through our beloved Holy Spirit! What an amazing access we have to the very throne of heaven!
Blessings as we stay centered on God at this time of fear and uncertainty for those who don’t know him. May the gospel go out in power and fruitfulness at this time!
Love in Him, Angela


Hello Paul,

I’m Phil from Australia. I just saw your post and I really like and appreciate your comment -

I pray the LORD enable you to find the words to express your questions.

Bless you richly,