Paul C Mamuad

(Catalino P. Mamuad) #1

Say hello…Aloha (greetings in Hawaiian)

Where are you from?Molokai, Hawaii

What led you to join Connect? Happened to come across some great teaching of the gospel

How do you hope to contribute?not sure

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Catalino. :smiley: How wonderful to hear of your story in joining Connect. One of the best ways to enjoy Connect is to just jump right in- I’m certain you will find unique ways to contribute.

(Ken Rose) #3

Aloha Brother Paul,

I recently moved from Kaneohe on Oahu to Montana - the Mainland. We had a rough winter, so miss my walks on Kailua beach. I still say aloha, mahalo, shoots, and ‘bruh’. My son said, ‘You know, da’kine’, on the job the other day, nothing but strange looks.

Since joining RZIM connect, I enjoy reading many well thought out replies to challenging questions. As prompted by the Holy Spirit, I attempt adding to the discussion. I believe RZIM Connect is a great place for Believers to share and learn.

Look forward to reading your input soon.

Brother Ken