Paul - Introduction

(Paul Thompson) #1

I was born in Jamaica but have been living in the US since 1986 and specifically in Orlando, Florida since 1990.

I recently successfully completed the core RZIM Academy course and was invited to join this family. I am happy to be here.

I would certainly like to help this community in whatever way I can, I am willing to contribute my talent and any available resources to the glory of God.
In that I am new to the site, I will look around to see where I could focus my interest.


(Melvin Greene) #2

Hi @patty32818! We’re glad to have you as part of our family, too!

I’m happy to hear you completed the Core Module. I really enjoyed taking it and I learned a lot. Feel free to roam around and check out the many categories and topics that are being discussed. If anything catches your interest, please jump in the conversation.

I hope you will be as blessed as I have being a part of this great community!

God bless you, Brother!

(Sieglinde) #3

Welcome @patty32818 :heart:

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(Tim Ramey) #4

Welcome Paul. We have a lodge in northern MN and have 3 Jamaicans work there but I won’t hold that against you. Actually, we love them! I’m sure you’re a great guy too. May the Lord move you closer to Him in Connect.