Paul Litzinger

Hello church…my initial comment to my online church when I can’t make it to service.
Greetings from Duluth GA, a stones throw from the RZIM corporate office.
I first heard “Let my people think” on a radio station some 10 years ago while traveling in my work. I had found a Christian radio station that offered programs from various speakers and one of my favorites was the RZIM segment, it was always short but very thought provoking and informative, always leaving me pondering the topic of discussion for the rest of the day and leaving me hungry for the next days discussion.
I found connect as a way to thank Ravi for his ministry after hearing of his illness.
Over the years I found a little something financially that I could send as a way of saying thank you Ravi for all the many ways you have provoked me to think beyond my faith and to know the reason and be ready to share the hope of Jesus that is in me with others. I will continue to support the ministry as I am able. Ravi, I wish I could have found the time to meet you in person as I live so close to you and your office in Alpharetta. I hope this message conveys the gratitude and love I have for men like you who have such a wonderful faith and conviction to share the love of Christ. I look forward to having the chance to greet you, clothed in the glory which has already been established for us in His presence. Peace be with you brother Ravi


@paullitzinger, thanks for joining Connect to share this message with Ravi. I’m also a long-time listener to “Let My People Think,” and Ravi’s messages have changed the way I think. They’ve changed who I am. We’ll never be the same because of him.

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Hello, @paullitzinger! Welcome to Connect :slight_smile:. The news of Ravi is heartbreaking, but he is definitely sure to hear, “Well done” when he sees Jesus face to face. The Lord built a wonderful, lasting powerful legacy through him and his dedication to serving the Lord and His kingdom. Thank you for coming to Connect to join with all of us here in thanking Ravi and letting him and his family know how much he is loved and appreciated. If you would like, you are more than welcome to use the link below to post your thank you, and Ravi and his family will be reading through those there. When you click on it, you may have to scroll up some to get to the top. I tried clicking on it and that’s what I had to do. Just a tip and a head’s up :slight_smile: You are able to either post publicly or send a private letter by filling out the form provided:

Again, welcome to Connect, and I hope, since you enjoyed the discussions on the radio so much, that we will see you in our discussions here as well :slight_smile:.

In Christ,