Paul O'Brien

Say hello…Hello

Where are you from? Liverpool (England)

What led you to join Connect? Through a friend

How do you hope to contribute? I have just done two years of training to be a Reader in the Church of England and would like to share what I have learnt and my journey thus far


Hello @ploobrien , welcome :slightly_smiling_face: We look forward to hearing more about being a Reader? I am not familiar with the term Reader so I had to look it up (forgive my ignorance). Would you expound? So thankful to have you here :pray:


Hi Sieglinde

You are a real welcomer I have read some of your many posts
To be able to preach in the Church of England you have to have a licence that you receive from the Bishop and that comes after 2 years of study, you can then officiate at funerals lead the service or liturgy,preach and teach.


Thank you :heart: I appreciate the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:


I am surprised you didn’t ask me if the Liverpool I am from is the home of the Beatles our most famous sons but sadly never Christians


Hello Paul and Welcome!

You sound like you have a neat friend to introduce you to RZIM Connect. How did you become interested in becoming a Reader in the Church of England and what are your responsibilities after two years of training?



Hi Debbie

Firstly it’s a calling from the Lord secondly I had a midlife crisis I did not buy a motorcycle but wanted to serve the Lord


Welcome, Paul! @ploobrien
Thanks for sharing a bit of your calling- thanks to @sig asking what a Reader is …we all can know!
I studied a semester in England, and took a ferry out of Liverpool to Ireland once…it did make me think of the Beatles :wink:
Glad you’ve joined us- enjoy exploring the forums!


Hi Heidi
I am looking forward to learning more about The Lord Jesus
I receive my licence from the Bishop of Liverpool at the end of September and that is when my work at church begins


Hi Debbie
I wonder if you could help
We had a sermon in church today on creation and I was concerned that the validity of the scriptures was challenged because of the apparent contradictions between the two creation stories in Genesis

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Hello Paul,

I found the book “the lost world of Genesis One” by John H Walton, very useful in making sense of those passages.
I would highly recommend his book. You can also find his talks on YouTube as well.