Paul Wiersma


I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Over the last several years engaging with much of the content put out by Ravi Zacharias and RZIM, I came across the 2019 Church Leaders Conference and was intrigued by the theme of the conference this year: “Blessed are the Peacemakers.” Over the last year or so, God has burdened my heart for reconciliation in our chaotic world and I felt that the topics I anticipate being covered during the conference would equip and empower me all the more to be a better agent of reconciliation to the world around me.

One of the things I thoroughly enjoy about forums like this (especially as it relates to explicitly Kingdom-advancing discussions) is it acts as a platform for everyone’s unique perspectives to be shared for the benefit of everyone else. Just as scripture talks about the body of Christ, we can all benefit from one another’s gifts and talents and offer our own gifts and talents for the benefit of one another. On the flip side, the church lacks when our gifts are not given the opportunity to be used.

Just as no one has walked the faith journey that I have walked which has given me my unique perspective, I have not walked any of yours. I can’t wait to learn from all of you and somewhere in there I hope to offer a good nugget of wisdom!


Warmest welcome to Connect, Paul! We’re glad you’ve joined us. I hope you are both challenged and encouraged by the Church Leaders Conference as well as your interaction on this platform!


Hi Paul! Welcome to Connect. You’re right – sometimes it’s tough to find an original question! At the same time, we all come from different perspectives and sometimes cultures, so often different answers resonate with different people. I’m so glad that you’ve joined us and I look forward to hearing from you in the forums!


Way to follow through with joining us, Paul. There are as many kind-hearted scholars here as there are books in Grand Rapids.Look at joining a group as well I am in one for memorization/prayer (two threads) under How and Why to Memorize Scripture. I’m not pushing that one on you as there are Bible Studies, book studies etc.

It’s good to have you along!


Great to have you abroad @pwiersma. I am in Lansing. I get over to GR regularly. I have attended Basecamp with Kevin Devries. Hope you enjoy this forum. God-bless your journey .


Welcome Paul!

Welcome Paul I’m new too​:raised_hands::raised_hands:. Our world is Chaotic but thankfully God is the judge and ruler not us. Let’s the pressure off. Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding.


That’s the great part about forums like this, especially ones where the Kingdom is advanced. I hope to bring unique perspective to the conversation as I learn from the many other people who are coming to the conversation with their own unique walk and the ways God has worked in their lives and revealed himself to them!


I’ve not been to Basecamp yet but have heard great things from those that have.

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