Hello this is Penny, born Rhodesian BUT The Lord has led myself and family to make a home South Africa for His purposes.
I have for a long time listened to Ravi and have always been impressed by how he answered tough questions (so Christ like) with such humility, authority, and genuine care for the person asking the question. I was saddened for his family and us as a community when his body died, but over joyed (to be honest a little jealous) that he has so faithfully completed his journey. So I was delighted when I found that his legacy lives on in this site.

I am hoping to also learn how to be Christ like in directing people to Christ using the truth of God’s word. I shall be a blessing where I can


Hi @Instrument, welcome to connect. I loved your introduction and your sentiments toward Ravi and his family :heart: I trust you will be blessed as you browse and glean from the many respectful conversations here. I am sure you will find opportunities to encourage others with any insight you have to offer.
Take care :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to RZIM Connect! @Instrument

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Hi, many thanks for your kind welcome.
I am sure I will be richly blessed… I set out to be a blessing and I am bowled over by the blessing I receive in the process :blush::raised_hands:


Welcome @Instrument to the connect! God bless you on this journey!


Welcome aboard @Instrument. Thank you for being here with such a heart for Evangelism and care. You are ready are a blessing to this forum. I hope you enjoy the discussions and are edified by them. God-bless you and your journey.