Percy Forlemu Tabifor

Hey everyone,
I’m from Cameroon but live and study in Germany
I’m glad to join RZIM connect and I did so to continue to enrich my knowledge with real experiences and ideas of others. My contributions would be varied based on my own experiences and the Bible.


Hi @forlemupercypercy,

Welcome! It is a pleasure to have you join in.

What are some of the opportunities and challenges you have to discussing Jesus with friends in Germany?

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Hello @CarsonWeitnauer,

It’s a pleasure to be here too! First of all, the most remarkable thing about my experience in Germany is that most youths are not to be found in a church, in fact many more people are beginning to avoid the churches! It seems to me that the church is loosing its voice in Germany and that’s really disheartening!

It’s hard to find a suitable place to discuss Jesus with groups or individuals except at home if you succeed to invite them or if they’re your friend. Some people don’t just want a God to exist so talking to them about Jesus needs scientific, biblical and experiential backing or proof. The gospel needs to revisit Germany and Europe


Hallo @forlemupercypercy, herzlich willkommen bei Connect.

This forum is perfectly suited for this. You can follow many different discussions here and actively participate in them.

I agree with you - unfortunately I observe this trend also in my environment and that worries me. It is disappointing that churches are less and less about Jesus and the central message of the gospel, and much more general, socially acceptable topics are preached. So I am all the more pleased that Connect focuses on the central issue - God’s word and what that has to do with my life. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with us.

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That’s really interesting to hear! I think the RZIM approach of caring for the individual is going to become increasingly important. We have to show how the love of Jesus has transformed us in a personal way.