Perhaps the newly discovered link to higher resasoning

Hello everyone and may Christ’s blessings continue to rain down on you.

There is an amazing new discovery that is both incredibly important, and personal. It is with the new, very super powered microscopes, scientist have found that living brain tissue taken during surgeries are firing like lightning. They are the places in the brain that connect via sodium channels, but now they have found calcium channels that account for higher reasoning, morality, and reasoning that is NOT found in any other species. This is so important to us as Chrsitians and apologists to be able to explain to a questioner, who may be coming from a science based thought process, to present this as a gentle glitch in the evolutionary model. But I am not a scientist and would be interested in everyone’s input.

Also, on a personal note, God has been so good to me. My Lord, after my third open cranial procedure has allowed me to relearn and keep my mind intact. It always takes time to relearn walking, and speaking well, but my mind comes back very quickly. Always I pray to my Lord, please allow my mind to stay intact so always I can praise you. And so my Lord hears my prayers to honor His perfect word. John 15:7 ’ If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.’ So Jesus grants my mind intact to glorify all he has done in my life and the amazing things I see people overcoming in this rehabilitation clinic where I am now. I take this moment to praise our Father that I am even able to write this now. And my neurologist was pleased to explain, my brain in abudent in the lightning calcium overriding the dead sodium channels. I can only leap with joy and praise my Father in heaven. May he always use me as his witness to his neverending mercy.

If anyone has something to add about this you have learned, please post it! Also, whatever you will like to share that you have learned or an experience to equip your sisters and brothers in our Lord please voice it here if you like. There is nothing too small or too big that God can not use to teach us in his service. We all learn from each other and everyone has something to share that will eventually be of great value when witnessing to a diversity of people coming from different places in minds and hearts.



Thank you for this excellent post.

There was a time in my life that I was catatonic. Reason was far from me. With the grace of God working in my life and my fathers instilment in me not to lie, I have overcome many challenges that the psychologists and neurologist and doctors said was basically impossible. committment to truth make a man intelligent. It will sharpen your brain and make you wise if you resolve yourself not to lie. Speaking truth heals your brain, I am convinced of this. I have had my IQ tested 3 times. The first, I had many imparements. The second, in 2018, my IQ was tested at about 95 or so, which is below average. The third which was done in the later portion of 2019, showed that my IQ was almost a standard deviation above average. Further, on one test I did, the administer of the test said I did better than she or the other administer. This is essentially a miracle in that I came from being psychotic to the point of being catatonic to now where I have a verbal IQ that far exceeds many. It is not me, but the grace of God. The gift my father gave me was honesty and I believe simply stating the truth over a lie is what made all the difference for my brain to heal. I have been diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder. This diagnosis can be thought of as a mix between bipolar and schizophrenia. I thank God that I have healed. 10% of people who have been diagnosed with what I have NOTHING works for them including meds, therapy, counseling, anything. I am always grateful to God that he gave me a mind that can think at a deep level and that medication and therapy work for me. My heart goes out to those who struggle with this often debilitation mental illness because I know I could very well be in their shoes, homeless, with no saftynet, no recompense and no one I can trust. The glory goes to God who has had favor on me.

I would love to see some studies on how telling the truth has a positive impact on the brain.

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Dear Mr. Jessie,

Thank you so much for your honesty and candor.

It’s not easy to come here and risk everything hoping you will be understood and not judged. But you put it all on the line to risk your personal disclosure.

I would like to take this topic further. If both you and I can heal in our Lord, then how many others?

Please sir, never stop your witness … It is maybe more studies should be done in our Lords good keeping.

Our brain is so vast! Yet I am here talking to you and you are talking to me in our Lord. Glory and glory we are both broken but made as new! Glory to our Father in heaven.

Following in our Fathers will is certainly something amazing.

Please let me and others know of your incredible journey in healing with Jesus.

I’m waiting to hear your story sir, and others. Thank you for putting yourself out there. Thank you for risking self disclosure. May our Father continue to heal you and me…And all of us…