Peyton Stretch

Hi guys! My name is Peyton Stretch and I live in Philadelphia, PA. I love RZIM and listening to Ravi, Vince, Jo, and the team have encouraged me to pursue this conference and to take what I learn to college, work, my family and friends!

I hope to contribute by asking good questions and learning how to answer with grace and truth.


Hi @peytonstretch15!

Those are such good teachers! Glad to have you here in RZIM Connect :smiley:



Hi Peyton, thanks for introducing yourself! So pleased you have been encouraged by the conferenceā€”Vince, Jo, and the team are a blessing for sure. Glad that you have joined us to continue the conversations here on Connect!


Hey @peytonstretch15! Thank you so much for jumping in and for your heart to glean in the riches of our LORD and His Word.

Looking forward to your participationšŸ‘


Welcome to connect @peytonstretch15. You are definitely learning from some of the best. I hope you enjoyed the conference. And I loved your comment:

I hope you are able to accomplish your goals here. Get involved and ask those questions. Best to you in your educational endeavors. God bless you and your journey.