Say hello…Hi, I’m Philip or Phil. Philbobaggins sort of stuck after a friend PhotoShop’d my head/face over the actor who played Bilbobaggins. It looked great!

Where are you from?..I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but have been living in Madison, Wisconsin for quite a while.

What led you to join Connect?..Listening to Ravi and his panel for so long, I decided to dig a little deeper.

How do you hope to participate?..To be as transparent as possible in both giving and receiving here.


Hi @Philbobaggins, welcome to connect. Philbobaggins :laughing: too funny! I trust you will enjoy browsing through and gleaning from the conversations here. Feel free to share your thoughts :slight_smile:
Take care


Welcome aboard @Philbobaggins. Thanks for coming to connect. I went to University of Wisconsin 1988 Madison. I went there last year as well and boy oh boy had it changed. And live in East Lansing so we came to watch the badgers play the Spartans. I hope you enjoy this forum. God-bless you and your journey.

Thanks Keldon. Honestly, Covid-19, the post George Floyd violence/looting, etc. has led to more changes. It is sad to see all the widows boarded up on State St. I moved to Madison in July of 1988, so who knows, maybe we passed by each other in the campus area! Thank you for reaching out to me.

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Welcome!!! We’re glad you are here! :blush:

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Phil, Your intro cracked me up! I have a friend who is also a fan of Tolkien’s work who named his dog Bilbo! Hope you enjoy your journey through the world of RZIM Connect!

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Welcome to RZIM Connect @Philbobaggins

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Thank you Medgine!

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