Philip Crowley

Hello to all who loved and learned from Ravi Zacharias.

Many years ago my older brother (he and I were the only believers in our family) gave a gift to our father. It was a cassette box set of Ravi’s talks at Harvard University’s Veritas Forum, one of the first of his many publicly available messages. My father never listened to it until one day he and I were on a road trip to Canada. The night before our last day on the road we had a rather contentious conversation about spiritual matters. It is not always easy to talk with one’s own father about such things. But at the end of the conversation that night he promised that he would listen to the cassettes in the car as we made our final leg toward the city of Calgary, our destination. The next day, as we began our journey he listened to first one cassette, then the next, then the next. He never spoke the entire time. Only as we approached the outskirts of the city at the end of the day did he finally open his mouth to say, “This guy’s pretty good.” From my father, who rarely spoke about such matters, and was characteristically taciturn in his praise, this was a high compliment. Near the end of his life, in a rare opportunity for a one on one conversation with my brother, he asked him about how this Christianity thing worked. My brother, who was a pastor, answered, “Dad, it’s a gift. It’s a free gift.” The conversation continued on from there. And my brother and I have confidence now, years later, that our dad is in the Kingdom.

Though I have been a student of Ravi’s teaching for many years, this one moment in my life was especially meaningful, because where I had been unable to communicate very well to my dad, Ravi’s words seemed to break through, and for that I am very grateful. Ravi’s death hits me rather hard. I feel as if I have lost my father again. I remember traveling to Oxford in 2005 just so I could meet him, and then being introduced to Michael Ramsden, John Lennox, Amy Orr Ewing, Stuart McAllister, Alister McGrath and others, all in the space of a week. I am grateful. I’m grateful. But right now I am mourning the loss of Ravi. I know this will be felt around the world.


This is a beautiful story thank you for sharing. I am sorry for the loss of your father but am thankful he is now with his heavenly father. It is so special that you were able to meet Ravi. That was one thing I was hoping to do in my lifetime. God bless you and again, thank you for your story, I was touched by it.



Welcome aboard @jeffaspenson. Thank you for sharing your experience. The connection amongst the ministry and those who have been exposed to it is very strong. Thank you for being here. You are welcome. I hope that you get to share your experiences with others here and provide perhaps some guidance or encouragement. That would be a great tribute. God-bless you and your journey.

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Thank you for sharing, Philip.
What a beautiful story and testimony.

Yes, if someone would listen to Ravi…with an open heart, they could not help but be blessed.

Ravi has shaped and formed the foundations of my spouse’s faith in Christ.
He had been raised Anglican, but, lacked understanding about what Christianity was based in and on…(The Word of God and the Gospel of Christ.)

Ravi was able to communicate (truth) in a humble, gracious, reasonable and powerful manner. His messages had a lasting affect on my spouse. They brought to him the understanding he lacked.

We both loved Ravi sincerely.
Ravi was an amazing testimony of what God’s grace can do in and through an individual who has cast all their care on the Lord.

We are grieving the loss of Ravi as well.


Thank you for sharing. I too feel a great loss as Ravi was such a gift and inspiration. I only take comfort knowing he is out of pain and in the arms of Jesus. And I hope prayers are coming from him and others for our world, if that is possible.


What a beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing it with the community.

It is amazing how many lives were touched by Ravi. His loss is certainly mourned by us all.


Hi thanks for sharing your thoughts, I’m sure they speak for a lot of us. Glad you met Ravi and some of these great guys, how blessed!
God bless you and may He turn this second grief to good for others. I too feel I’ve lost a family member, even though we never met! He comes across so real and delightful! May God bless his precious family and friends too!
Angela WG


Dear Philip, I agree, although I never had the honor of meeting Ravi, I felt he was an important part of my spiritual life. I can’t explain the joy I felt listening to his compassionate brilliance. I could write about him for days and I will mourn him with you. He truly personified, “To live is Christ, to die is gain.”