Philip Immaraj

(Philip Immaraj) #1

Good day everyone. From Sydney Australia and have completed the Core module and loved interacting with people in the forums.
At the end of the course, we were given a gift to join Connect. Hope to learn and listen and maybe help if I can. Mostly to hear our heart rhythm behind the questions.

Hope I can contribute in any way, if I can hold someones hand, going through the journey along with me - that would be a blessing to me.

(Billie Corbett) #2

I love your analogy of hand holding… I need much hand holding myself!

God willing, you will find many within the Connect community, who will hold your hand and seek to bless you in Jesus name.

(Philip Immaraj) #3

Thanks Billie - phew- that was a quick post!!

(Scott Dockins) #4



The Connect community is an excellent place to journey with fellow believers!

May Jesus bless your journey within the Connect community, and may your relationship with Him deepen and widen as a result!

Glad you’re here!

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(Philip Immaraj) #5

Thanks Scott. God’s Blessings on you!

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