Philippians 2: 19-20


(Tim Ramey) #1

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Dear Memorization Team
This week’s Scripture verses, at first glance to me at least, almost seems not as meaty as the other verses that have been so rich. Yet, as I considered these verses they really speak to me about the importance of fellowship and truly caring for each other. It also explains why I am so encouraged by each of you - that we not only deal with real-life situations where we discuss the application to our lives regarding these verses but also because Paul says that he so appreciates Timothy - that there is no one like him. So you bless me so much as there are not many people like you that will see the value in disciplining themselves to memorize. It reminds me of verse 16 where my RSV version says that you are holding fast to the word of life. You are taking hold of it and letting the Word do a scan over your life in order to see something that you hadn’t seen before.

It may be full time for you just learning the verses but if anything ever pops out at you or you scratch your head over something or even if the verse/verses act as a springboard to remind you of another truth, please pass it along. We really need each other. My intention is not to single her out but even the times that Joyce and I have not seen eye-to-eye on some of the verses, those discussion have truly challenged my thinking. The Body of Christ will have different perspectives. Disagreement is healthy. It’d be pretty boring if we all thought the same way.

Here is God’s precious Word for us this week:

Philippians 2:19 I hope in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you soon, so that I too may be cheered by news of you.
Philippians 2:20 For I have no one like him, who will be genuinely concerned for your welfare. (ESV)

Philippians 2:19 I hope in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you soon, that I also may be cheered when I receive news about you.
Philippians 2:20 I have no one else like him, who will show genuine concern for your welfare. (NIV)

Philippians 2:19 But I trust in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you shortly, that I also may be encouraged when I know your state
Philippians 2:20 For I have no one like-minded, who will sincerely care for your state.(NKJV)

Like Timothy, dear brothers and sisters - there is NO ONE like YOU!

(Larry Hill ) #2

It has been so amazing in my life the effect having caring mentorship “watch over me”. I’m sure Timothy, being as young as he was, oft times when he went to distant locations to “cover” for Paul, he as well was glad to have that same relationship with one so caring. The older I get (almost 63)’ the more necessary it becomes to have caring, likeminded mentors in order that I too may pass along “that which we have learned”.
Thank you RZIM for a daily dose of love and knowledge that propels me to care for my family and those I see daily in my practice, and am truly influenced by these discussions in a remarkable way. Lest we forget, Paul sent Timothy as one who like himself, was dedicated to see those whom he would touch, saved, discipled, and moved to a deeper understanding of who Jesus was, and how they could influence their own small world. Thanks be to God for His indescribable gifts!

(Jason Walker) #3

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I think that is a healthy approach @Tim_Ramey; as Ravi always says University is unity in diversity. All of us diverse persons becoming one in CHRIST.

(Tim Ramey) #4

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Larry and Jason, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really love hearing what all of you think, what you’ve learned, what struggles you’ve had memorizing, and what has helped you to learn that may be helpful to others.

To have the scripture in my heart is truly revolutionary for me. It’s not always a direct thought but rather, often a sense that the Lord is working in my heart. Today involved asking someone to forgive me, telling another that I’m praying for her as her husband is divorcing her, having a difficult heart-to-heart with a non-believer, reciting a chapter that I learned last year to my wife as we walked, among other encounters but I know that my response to all of these situations had to do with God’s Word deep in my heart. How I rejoice with you that we are on this journey together.

Someday I’d also like to learn more about each one of you: where you live, what you like to do, married?, “rough” age and even having pictures of you. It helps to have a glimpse of some of you. I am very visual orientated so when I pray, to “see” you really helps. And now I’m going hog wild but it would be wonderful to meet you someday. How about a memorization retreat? Please - I don’t intend to scare any of you off!!

(Jennifer Wilkinson) #5

I’m really enjoying this project, and one of these days I’ll jump on with a thought and/or question about this passage. I meant to post something this morning, but I got distract by a wonderful online chat with a missionary friend in South Africa.

You’ll have to wait even longer for a profile pic of me. I tried once already, but the way my picture was cropped was causing this site to chop off my head. I treasure my head – it’s kind of hard to memorize without it – so I’m avoiding the headless Jennifer appearance. :wink:

(Tim Ramey) #6

Thanks so much for your post Jennifer. It made my day as a trying conversation continued on again today. Your ubeat-ism is so refreshing!

(Jennifer Wilkinson) #7

I’ll be praying God gives you wisdom and peace for this continuing conversation. May His love shine through you.

(Jennifer Wilkinson) #8

@Tim_Ramey, I can completely relate to your comment that these verses don’t seem as meaty. I’m apt to think of this as the boring part of the chapter, but as I’ve studied Philippians as a whole, I’m struck by how many of these personal examples Paul writes about.

There are various ways to prove a point. We can set forth our logical arguments (like Romans does), or we can live it out and let people see it works. Obviously, we need to be able to do both. We should live it all the time, and sometimes we’re blessed with opportunities to share the logic.

I get discouraged at times because I don’t have as many opportunities as I want to share my faith in words. But then I look at Philippians, and it seems like Paul is spending most his time in the book showing how he and his friends are living out the love that Christ showed us in His death and resurrection.

Demonstrating the truth of something by living it isn’t a lesser way of witnessing. Sometimes it’s the most important way.

(Tim Ramey) #9

Your insights are concisely put. I wouldn’t encourage all in the memory group to read your post that would take me a chapter to write. I so appreciate it, Jen.

Even as you graciously offered to pray for me, your comment made when posting that was indicative of what your follow up post emphasized and that was the fact I am in a difficult discussion with a relative because I care for their welfare but not in the way that they want to hear it. It is living Jesus to them although they don’t like what they hear.

One more point about your post yesterday (these posts are getting confusing so it is the 5th one listed here!),is another example of Paul living out his faith as much as talking about it and it is exemplified by your chatting with a missionary in South Africa. Way to go! That friend is fortunate to have a friend like you!

Two things that you have touched on that are near to my heart is world missions and prayer. Not to put you on the spot but I guess that is what I’m doing, is to tell you that Kelly, in this group and I pray for each other’s families as well as Connect prayer concerns. If you ever want to join us, just give the word!

(Jennifer Wilkinson) #10

Thanks for your encouragement and for your invitation to join you and Kelly in prayer. I’m not making any formal promises yet because God has been showing me how easy it would be for me to turn into Mrs. Jellyby, a crazy character in Bleak House by Dickens. She’s so wrapped up in African mission work that she never notices her family is falling apart.

I’m seeking to put the same love and energy into my family that I put into things that are recognized more publicly as ministry work. This circles back to what I’ve been learning from Philippians 2. Verse 7 says Jesus “made Himself of no reputation.” My reputation in the church and Christian circles matters too much to me. Am I willing to sacrifice the visible things that get me attention to do the loving things at home that are much harder?

I admire the commitment you and Kelly have made to pray for each other and the Connect prayer concerns. I don’t mean to downplay that at all, and I intend to join you in some fashion. I just can’t say how much since God is convicting me that more energy needs to go into praying for and serving the people in my house.

So, yes, I’ll pray for you, and I would appreciate your prayers as I seek to be the daughter and sister God wants me to be.