Philippians 2 and Romans 8 Prayer

Please remember that RZIM Connect is a public website available to anyone. Any prayer requests you mention could easily be found and read by your employer, family members, and/or friends. Therefore, please be especially careful and respectful in how you mention prayer requests for yourself or other people.

Don’t let the warning scare you off but may it just alert you to use good discretion in specifics mentioned in your posts.

If you didn’t read my post at the conclusion of last week’s thread “Philippians 3&4 Prayer”, please do. Not that it is profound but it touches on two points that we need to be aware of, I realize.

First, we list our prayer requests here weekly. Do you observe why we do? Do you not have people say or email you that you need to pray for such and such and you never hear a thing about the situation again? We need to know what is going on. So when nothing happens, we are required to post it again.

However, a factor that I don’t think we have been proficient at is updates.If the person or situation still needs prayer, we need to post it. But has anything changed? Have things gotten worse or is there an aspect that we need to hone in on that should be addressed?

As can now often be reflected in the post, the request is either still there- still the same or it is praise be to the Lord, I was blind but now I see! (Don’t I wish that the latter was more prevalent!) Is there anything in-between the two? This point dawned on me when a dear friend prayed for me and yes, I still have the problem, but in this case, I received light as how to attack it and I am doing so much better.

Which brings me to my second point and that is we need to post some encouragement. There are those of you in this group that do just that. We need more of it because this thread can seem like the slog thread - just some slaves dragging these heavy weights behind, ready to drop with no change in sight.

To post reality is necessary so no fluff is intended here. I only want to make prayer what it should be - encouraging because of what the Lord is doing. That’s why I have the “What Exactly is Prayer?” thread because I’m eager to go deeper with Jesus with this blessed tool we call prayer.

-Last week I Skyped with Jun in the Philippines. They are still getting earthquakes below their feet and all around them the enemy is flinging fiery darts. Please put on your armor and fight with me for this dear family in Mindanao.
-One of my sons, Jonathan, seems to be going nowhere fast. A daughter we are praying for, Kara, seems like Sisyphus: a legendary king of Corinth condemned eternally to repeatedly roll a heavy rock up a hill in Hades only to have it roll down again as it nears the top.
-Because I am feeling much better, I’m not going to let the matter slide but I feel that the Lord has more healing for me so that I can be used for the furtherance of His Kingdom. I am so grateful for my prayer partner!

Just a reminder: I believe in spiritual warfare but you know some who see a devil under every stone. Having said that, make sure you do not go into your day without the armor of God securely in place!


Hello Tim and all other RZIM praying sibs,

Thank you for your update, Tim.
I could relate to your description of your physical complaints and your wife trying to fix…
Busted! That is definitely me lately…

I really don’t know how to respond, in terms of update regarding my spouse. To me, he seems to be making progress…but, he states he has more pain in the area of the hernia repair then he did before the surgery.

I am not going to lie…
I feel quite depressed and discouraged by this. Mostly, I suppose because we thought surgery was ultimately going to deliver him from living with this pain. He has been living with it for the last 11 months. Now, it looks like this will not be the case.
Our lives over the last year have become very limited…and it looks like nothing is going to change. I find this quite hard…
For me to keep my sanity and not be completely isolated, I am going to have to start doing social things on my own. This makes me sad, because we have been a team, doing things together. I need grace to cope with the grief and loss associated with these unexpected life changes.
Our trip we had planned is most likely not going to happen, as Brian doesn’t feel well enough to sit on a flight for 6 hours. It is disappointing, because it was a carrot to look forward to… while slogging it through these really tough days.

I am struggling with migraine headaches as a result of unrelenting stress and pressure. We speak with his surgeron tomorrow…

So, I would ask for prayer for:

  1. That the surgeon would be able to speak medical wisdom, assurance and understanding concerning what is happening with Brian.
    The CT scan didn’t show any problem…except for fluid in the area of the hernia repair. Hopefully, she will have something insightful to ssy about this.

  2. For absolute clarity about God’s will regarding our planned trip and peace in cancelling, it if need be.

  3. My sister, Catherine, who needs genuine repentance and faith in Christ Jesus. I am focusing in 1Peter 2: 19-25 to cope with my experience in relation to her.

  4. My children/grandchildren who are immersed in the world, living in unbelief. “Without God in the world.”

Blessings in Jesus…


Billie, you don’t realize how important it is that we are transparent and honest with each other. I would say that you had some serious mental problems if all of this did not bum you out royally. And to have migraines as well…

My intention on studying prayer in depth is not to discover the way that the Lord makes it all go away but what He wants us to suffer alongside of Him and what things are from the pit. I want to grow in discerning what the Holy Spirit desires.

It grieves me immensely to hear your heart weeping Billie. I am so sorry. There is a bunch of us lifting you and Brian into the arms of Jesus.


Grace and peace to you and your husband Billie! @Billie

Thank you for sharing! You and your husband are in my prayers. May God’s comfort surround you in abundance, His unfailing love for you give you strength and you have His wisdom regarding your sister, children and grandchildren.


@Billie, I am with @Tim_Ramey, it hurts our hearts that you are hurting and your husband is still in pain or more pain. Lifting you up along with others :pray: I pray your spirit is lifted soon. I pray that Brian’s pain will be alleviated so you guys will be able to take that trip. I respect your heart in accepting that you may have to cancel but I am still praying and hopeful you don’t have to. Praying for all the children here. Praying their eyes will be opened to the saving grace of Jesus :heart:


Thank you, Sig, for your care and understanding of our disappointment.

It is definitely hard to accept, especially for me as a care giver.

I was looking forward to being able to refresh my spirit away…in a place full of light, colour & warmth.
But, time is running out for us…and the getting there is a long haul which my spouse feels he is not able to cope with at this point.

Prayer is definitely needed for me to humbly accept God’s sovereign will in all things…
He alone knows the end from the beginning…our perceptions are so limited by our finiteness.


Thank you, Kelly.
I really do appreciate the comfort and support of God’s precious children.


Thank you, Tim.

I am depending on the comfort, love and support of God in and through his precious people.

It is important to my mental health at this point, to know God is carrying us gently like helpless lambs in his bosom. The enemy of my soul knows where to strike…and without a lengthy history, depression and an anxiety disorder has plagued me most of my adult life.

Having had a brutal, abusive earthly father, when things get painful…it is really hard for me not to go down the labyrinth of rabbit holes involved for a person who has survived extreme childhood abuse and neglect. It is really hard for me to even imagine a loving Heavenly Father…but, based on the truth of God’s Holy word, I know He is who He says He is.

May I feel the warmth and comfort of being carried in His loving arms, close to His heart.

The sadness that opens up in me at times is like a bottomless pit in itself…which is frightening, except that I understand it better now that I am older.

Pray for me to love the Lord my God, with all my heart, mind, soul and strength…
And for divine grace to love my neighbour
(From a pure heart fervently )

Blessing dear unseen friends and sibs…:two_hearts:


I appreciate this prayer group and thanks for praying for me, my family and friends. In terms of updates, I would just add that we probably have until March for things to turn around for Joel and Mary’s marriage when they will have their court hearings. For this week:

  1. Please continue to pray for salvation of family members - parents, parents in laws, grandmother, sister.
  2. Continue to pray for childhood friend S to have a hunger for reading God’s word. She recently got curious about learning about Christ and his resurrection.
  3. Just wisdom for me regarding some decisions.
  4. Joel and Mary’s marriage

Thanks and God bless! Praying for the requests listed.

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Dear Billie,

I can only imagine how hard it must be to go through all that you are experiencing. Praying for God’s comfort, His Spirit’s power, a ray of hope to hang on to as you press through! You have been so faithful in praying and lifting others up even under the circumstances you are in! Thank you! As I prayed for you, I just remembered Lamentations 3 :22-25 and the song “Great is thy faithfulness”. May you be encouraged in Him.

Lamentations 3:22-25 NKJV
Through the LORD ’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not. [23] They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness. [24] “The LORD is my portion,” says my soul, “Therefore I hope in Him!” [25] The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, To the soul who seeks Him.

Be strong! God bless!


Dear Billie

I’m so blessed how your sibs have come around you. I wanted to encourage you to really think hard about the verses that Lakshmi just sent to you. But then, I’d encourage you to read Lamentations 3:1-21. Sometimes I’ve been accused of being a downer with these verses. However, I feel that it gives the other verses a lot more meat.

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Thank you and amen, Lakshmismehta.
Let God be true…because it is impossible for him to lie.

The good news…in answer to prayer…

Brian is improving…and he spoke with the surgeon this morning, she doesn’t see from his CT scan any reason for us not to continue with our plans. She feels two more weeks will make a big difference in his well being…She was adamant, this is the best plan for convalescing…physically and psychologically.
Her reassurance lifted a weight off and we are hopeful…and planning to move ahead.


@Billie, That gives hope! Praise God! We will continue to pray. May God’s hand be on him for full and quick recovery.


Thank you, so much.

It is our hope to be a blessing to a few people when we are away from home visiting the US.

Please be praying for these individuals…
May God to be at work in us to minister His grace as we have opportunity to draw unbelieving souls to Himself…and to edify and encourage the Lord’s people.

  1. We will be renting a small space from a believing widow named, Miriam… (She immigrated to the US many years ago from a predominately Muslim Middle Eastern country.) We desire to be a blessing in the Lord, to her, beyond renting a space from her. Pray for us to be a source of comfort and joy in Jesus. She is a lovely trusting child of the Lord. (Though, older than we are after the flesh.)

  2. Another is a very free spirited woman, C. whom I met last summer, in the area where we live.
    While she was visiting here, my spouse and I made a good connection with her.
    C. is a soul who (to my observation) appears to flit about on the fringes of the main stream culture…while trusting in hodge podge of new age ideologies. (She was adopted and raise Mormon).

  3. Third is a believing couple whom we have known for many years. (I have been very close friends with G. for most of my adult life.) Their relationship needs a touch from the Lord, especially R. (the husband)…as they have been preoccupied with building resources for retirement, but, now these resources consume most of their time and energy. Please pray we would be able to spend quality time with them, seeking the Lord in prayer and encouraging one another to walk in the light of the Word of God … That by God’s grace we would be a means of God drawing them closer to Himself and to each other.

  4. Lastly, pray for the former pastor (and his wife) of the church we attend when we visit this area.
    He has retired because 2 years ago he was diagnosed with a stage 4 prostate cancer…
    By the grace of God he remains pretty active and vibrant…which is an ongoing encouragement to believers to trust the Lord with our lives…
    As well, he is a witness to non believers regarding the power of God to keep His children… until He calls them home.
    If it be the Lord’s will, we hope to connect with them in a meaningful way…(other than praying for them.)

  5. Please pray that Brian will be ready in two weeks for a full day of travel (including a 6 hour flight.)
    Please continue to pray for his health and renewal…as well as, for me…to be refreshed physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

Thank you, Jesus for all you have done for us and for all your redeemed people.
Thank you, Jesus, for the good you do every day for those who don’t know and love you.
Lord Jesus, please, open the hearts and minds of those who sit in darkness and have no light.
Reveal yourself in love to them.

Lord You are Good and Glorious…thank you for hearing the prayers of your children.


Dear Billie
Sometimes I feel guilty - like I have to have the last word to the sibs’ posts but I just can’t contain myself from expressing my gratitude to Our Savior, Lord, Friend, Redeemer, Healer, Counselor (and on and on I could go). I’m bursting with thankfulness that after being up for a trip, you were dejected because Brian couldn’t travel and now -you get to go!!! I’m think I am as happy about it as you are! Aren’t you glad that we know Jesus!!!

We will be praying for the prep time before your departure as well as being resourcefully used in your time here. Maybe our Billie will spark a needed revival here!!