Philippians 2 and Romans 8


Dear Studious Saints

With these chapters, we conclude the Bible chapters that many of us memorized from years ago. Please reflect on these chapters, even if you never memorized them and shoot some questions, thoughts, or special passages to us. We are not to keep everything to ourselves that the Lord shows us or tosses around in our minds but we truly learn so much from each other.

Next week we’ll review and reflect on all of the chapters that we’ve done as a group and the following week, on January 25th, we will begin memorizing 1 John 1, two verses per week. If you want to just follow along, that is fine but don’t be duped into thinking that you can’t memorize. You can if you want to. If I can do it truly anyone can!

Also, feel free to offer anything else that you’ve appreciated in the verses from the chapters that we’ve had in previous weeks if you wish to. In fact, in my post last week, I did have a question that I forgot to ask that I sure wish some could offer light on and that is Philippians 4:6. It is probably one of the most well known verses in the Bible where it speaks of having no anxiety in anything but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be known to God." This may seem like an insignificant question but why do you think that Paul states, “by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving…” Doesn’t it seem redundant to say by prayer and then includes supplication and thanksgiving as though they are separate from prayer. In other words, aren’t supplication and thanksgiving aspects of prayer? Am I being too trite?

I hope the interest is still there to continue this thread as the replies and even those viewing the post is way down. We leave it in Jesus’ hands. May you receive from Him Words of life as you review these 2 amazing chapters!

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Hey @Tim_Ramey thanks for your update and this is a verse that has helped me through alot of seasons.

I cant wait for the new verses coming from the 25th . May the Spirit lead us into the deeper truths of the scriptures and the codes of his Word be written on our hearts .

In regards to your question

Doesn’t it seem redundant to say by prayer and then includes supplication and thanksgiving as though they are separate from prayer.

I think of it like this .

Prayer is the vehicle used to achieve communication with God. Supplication is the conductor ensuring an effective and honest ride and thanksgiving is the response which displays gratitude for even being afforded the luxury of this ride.

Might not be coming across how I’m envisioning it in my head , but all 3 work together to please God

Because someone could be praying but be unbothered about it and complaining about everything. That makes for ineffective prayer and warrants repentance and a heart check.

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Alisha, I appreciate when I get feedback such as yours that has been well thought out. I sometimes wonder if anyone is out there so your thoughts are doubly treasured!

You might want to go under the thread, “What Exactly is Prayer?” I’m grappling with what prayer really is. Se what you think of the responses there.

Thanks Alisha!