Philippians 3&4 Prayer


Dear Praying Saints

Thank you for praying! It is difficult to raise up people to pray. I am very interested in learning all I can about it so have appreciated those of you who replied to the thread called “What Exactly is Prayer?” Once I was an expert in false humility so I’m not trying to imply any humility when I tell you that I feel I am missing something. I have so much to earn about prayer and so it can be a source of much discouragement, but I want so much to be utilizing the gift to its fullest! If any have more comments about what they think pray is or is not, please post your thought on the thread that is entitled “What Exactly is Prayer?”

One reason I feel that I am missing it is because Jesus is absolutely faithful and trustworthy. If that is so, why am I listing my same concerns every week? But I will do so until I write a praise instead of a request.

Please pray

  • That my son Jonathan will realize the Truth of Jesus and that my daughter Kara would know Him personally.
  • For Jun & Regina, my friends who are Tagakaulo Filipino nationals who have 3 children and translate, have pastoral seminars in the mountains, have radio programs and on and on I could include so much more. They are so necessary that the enemy is unrelenting at beating them up. They have so many huge issues with the latest a personal matter that they confided in me with. Please, please cry for wisdom. I love them so much but not as much as Jesus does!
  • That something would happen with this body of mine where feeling lousy in all the areas that I can still feel, is the norm. I am not as sharp as it has taken a toll on me mentally. It is terribly discouraging.

Jesus, I praise you!!! I am extremely thankful for so much. I have a wife that will never leave me, a warm house, a lodge, which I’m not sure what to do with but You do, children, grandchildren, a vehicle, meals and so much more that I just take for granted. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for these dear brothers and sisters that you know how much I appreciate. Please draw each of them closer to you - literally everyone of them - a bit closer this upcoming week. I love you precious Jesus and it is not my way to sum up this prayer but the only way that I can even pray and that is in and through Your Name Jesus!


:heart::heart::heart: love this Tim, thank you!

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Hello Tim,

Sometimes it is pretty evident we are in a spiritual battle. Prayer is one of our many God given means of defeating the enemy and preserving ourselves in the safety of God’s mercy and grace.

It has been a very challenging week for me. One where I have felt severely tested and tried in my trust…as things went sideways with my spouses recovery. We still don’t know what the problem is…he has a CT scan on Monday. He is cared for in his needs…
Where I am struggling is managing to care for myself when there is so much energy going into my spouse’s needs.

Please pray for the supernatural empowering of God’s mercy and grace…for His own name sake and glory sake. The Devil is all to happy to see me stumbling and faltering…through his constant attacks on us in these difficult health (life and death realities). The spirit is willing…but, indeed the flesh is weak…
(Especially when things go on for a long time.)
Pray the Lord would supply all I need for life and godliness…
That I wouldn’t faint in the day of adversity because my strength (faith) is small.

Please pray for my dear spouse…for his recovery to “recover”.
He was doing so well.

I was thinking of Moses today…
how Aaron and Hur, put a stone under him for him to sit on…
and then, held his arms up until the battle was won.

I’ve been feeling this way, when God’s people are holding us up in prayer
…the battle is being won…
If our arms grow weak and drop
… or God’s people think the battle is won … the tide turns …
and the enemy starts getting the upper hand.

Your prayer requests are being lifted up, Tim, as are others.
It is part of being members of the body of Christ.
When one suffers, we all suffer, when one rejoices we all rejoice.

I would also ask for prayer for sister, Catherine.
She has all that this world can give and yet, she is without Christ.
Her soul is poor, wretched and blind.

I’d appreciate clarity, wisdom, direction from the Lord…as we were supposed to leave for a time of convalescing in a warmer climate…At this time, it doesn’t appear like it will happen.
It is disappointing…so, we need added grace to accept God’s wisdom in this as well.

My youngest daughter is married to a Muslim (converted when she married him.)
We love them both and their family…
My heart longs for their salvation.

Thank you, Jesus for your goodness, faithfulness and kindness.
You’ve promised to never leave us or forsake us.
Grant us faith, hope and love…
To abide in you and that you would abide in us.
Enable us to be fruitful…to your praise, honour and glory.


Way to speak it Billie. You covered it all. However, I say this as a brother and not a know-it-all, but one of your prayer requests has been answered - long ago- and that is this: He has already given you all that you need for life and godliness. I didn’t get that in one of my mystical moments but it is, as you know, in His Word. Not only do you have the good news of that answer but He has also told you and me that, in Christ, we have been given every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. What I pray for you, because I can pray if from my experience, and that is that you “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, as you were called in the one body, and give thanks.” Col 3:15

The memorization team learned that not long ago. Let Him be your peace, Billie. Let means that He will come in and be your peace, if you let Him. I am saying this as Hur, holding your arm up. I love you dear Billie and I am so sorry for your weariness but thanks for the prayer/praise at the end of your post.


Hey @Tim_Ramey, I shall do the same. I will repeat my prayers. BTW today is our wedding anniversary, I miss my wife.

My prayers requests are:

• My wife (Jamarah), Hadassh & Mahoro come to know and love JESUS as their saviour
• That Naubaale & Mosiah (my 6 & 8 year olds) continue to grow loving JESUS and knowing JESUS as their saviour.
• For my entire family to be in the purpose of JESUS CHRIST
• For me to have the wisdom, guidance & strength to fulfil JESUS’ purposes for me, including being priest of my family.
• For my wife and I to be back together and no longer separated.
• For me to have the financial resources so that I can live close or more importantly with my family, be able to take care of my parents, parents in law, wife and children.
• For JESUS’ favour as HE sees fit.
• For my car to be working more reliably
• For shelter so I am no longer homeless.
• For me to get healthier

I give thanks for getting closer to JESUS. I give thanks for opportunities on the horizon. I give thanks for the protection GOD has over me while I am homeless.


This sure has been a long road for you, hasn’t it been Jason? Oh how I pray that your dear treasure will return to you and you’d b stronger than ever.

Thanks for your faithful participation. I still remember vividly your very first post. Way to be a faithful lover of Jesus! You bless us all.

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Hello Jason,

May the God of all comfort…comfort you on such a day when you long to rejoice in your marriage commitment with your wife.

Lord Jesus, you love and care for Jason…in his sorrow. He needs your comfort…
Lord, grant him to abide in you and hear his hearts cry regarding each request…
For the salvation of those he loves who are outside of the shelter of Christ…
(Jason’s wife (Jamarah), Hadassh & Mahoro )
Lord, work in Jamarah’s heart to want to be reunited with her husband…
For the protection of Naubaale & Mosiah in their hope and faith in Jesus.
May they grow strong in the Lord.
Lord, provide housing for Jason. It is important for him to have a place to live.
Lord, please open doors for Jason, so he will have the resources he needs to provide for the needs of his family and for himself. If he needs employment, make a way for him…to have well paying work in abundance.
Lord, please help Jason regarding his car…you know and see all…you see his need.
Enable Jason to wait on you, Lord. To wait and pray…
Lord, grant him a deep knowledge of your love and your sufficiency in all things.
Enable him to trust in you and your Word.


Thank you @Tim_Ramey GOD bless you.

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The realization struck me that often times we post Pray or Praise but this is both so it really is an update.

The above was part of my prayer requests for the week. As the week progressed, I got to the point that I couldn’t take it any more and had nowhere to turn. I wanted to be through expressing how terrible that I felt to my poor wife whose personality is such that when she hears a need, she feels that she has to fix it. I didn’t want my negative mantra continuing nor did I want her to feel so helpless. Thus, I contacted someone in Connect.

The individual heard my rant for about an hour, interjecting advice, asking questions but primarily listening. Finally our time was up and the person said that they wanted to pray for me. I grudgingly agreed as I caused them to be late in running an errand already. The prayer was raised in less than 5 minutes but it was so anointed by the Holy Spirit. It really spoke to me in many ways. Some of what was prayed and hit home I have implemented and I am doing much better. It was very encouraging.

Having said that, I am still not all there but vastly improved. Also, I am aware that the enemy doesn’t want the things of God incorporated into my life so he will do all he can to discourage me. One aspect of the implementation is to put on my armor each day.

My main reason for writing this is to bring you up to date on that aspect and I am so thankful for the Connect prayer partner.

Another request regarding Jun & Regina in the Philippines is not so positive. I Skyped with Jun last night and troubles continue to rain down upon them. In fact, Mindanao continues to have earthquakes. Everything around him is crumbling. My heart bleeds for that family.

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