Philippians 4:13-14


(Tim Ramey) #1

Dear Andrea, Anita, Benjamin, Brittany, Chandra, Danny, David, Gabriela, Jason, Jason, (yes, we have 2 Jason’s on board), Jennifer, Joyce, Keldon, Kelly, Michele, Michelle (a one L and a 2L er!), Rebekah, Rachel, Theja, Isireli and Sujan,

Quite a group huh? Twenty-two of us. If you have the time, click on @Bible_Memorization_Group and you’ll see a bit of the scoop on everyone. I love the international flavor. I’m so blessed that no matter where we live, we serve the same risen Savior!

I’m posting a day early because we will be traveling tomorrow. For those who just joined, I normally post the 2 verses of the week on Saturday (my time). The verses will give you a breather as one of the verses is very familiar to most of us and the other one is very short. I’m trying to keep my head above water as I don’t have the whole chapter quite down yet but I will be there by the end of next week. For those who have memorized past chapters, remember to review them as it will be good to recall them but also because they speak more to us as they become part of our thinking. I find that the verses that are ones that I’d never consider memorizing speak volumes to me. When you have posted, it also has always really gripped me.

A couple of things: For me personally I’d love to learn the secret that is spoken of in verse 12 so I can be as Jesus led Paul to be content in all situations. If you ever think of me, please pray that it would come a complete reality for me.

Also, I post in the three versions because it was requested. If there is a version that you memorize from, please let me know and I’d be happy to post that one as well. It is helpful to line the translations up next to each other to help grasp the truths spoken of. It’d be interesting to know what version all of you are memorizing from. Would you mind letting us know?

Isn’t memorizing so wonderful as it produces such a bounty of Truth? The verses for the week are the following:

Philippians 4:13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:14 Yet it was good of you to share in my troubles. (NIV)

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me.
Philippians 4: 14 Yet it was kind of you to share my trouble. (ESV)

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:14 Nevertheless you have done well that you shared in my distress. (NKJV)

As I said earlier, I knew verse 13 already but the addition of 14 really gives verse 13 greater depth. We can do it with Jesus only but it is so good to rejoice with those who rejoice and to weep with those who weep!

(Benjamin ) #2

Hi to everybody! Question in general. How do you memorize? I started to use an app bible memory the free version until so far and i am quite happy with it.

Other techniques?


(Andrea Sutton) #3

thank you so much!

(David Cieszynski) #4

Happy New Year everyone, excited to see where God leads us through 2019 in our memorising Bible verses.

(Tim Ramey) #6


Benjamin, I’m not familiar with that app. I’d like to hear a bit of what’s involved with it. Also, what others of you do. Could you give us ideas which could revolutionize memorization for some of us?

If anyone wants my explanation of how I go about memorizing but also why, please go to the post called, “A Dare” I would appreciate knowing how all of you go about it.

Ultimately, I can only underscore the importance of not being discouraged. Some verses come easier for us than others. The enemy knows how important scripture is and he’ll go all out to make you quit. Don’t. Stay with it. Just think how 2 verses/week is bite size. Just review and stay with it. When you find time that you are waiting for someone, go over the verses. I often have a copy of the current verses in my pocket.

May Jesus use it in your lives as He has in mine. To Him be the glory.

(Benjamin ) #7

hi tim

i started to use the app 1 month ago, using it daily and I am very happy with the progress.

it lets you import from some english standard bibles such as the KJV and newer versions. then the app lets you use three methods. first you see the whole verse which you then have to type always the first letter of the word to then continue to the next verse. once you completed this easy step you move forward to level 2 where every 2nd word is hidden. after having completed this you then move on the the 3rd level where nothing is visible. you can repeat as long as you want anyone of the levels. then the app makes daily reviews, or every 2 days, or every 3 days and so on. you can actually quite use it as you want. the free app lets you memorize 50 verses first which is the max and they want you to subscribe the premium which I actually did after that months of testing it. now additonal features are set free which i am now using such as flash cards, or drawings on the verse to memorize in a different way or even record them and place notes and so on and so on.
hope this explanation is useful for some of you
be blessed!

(chandra kishore sardar) #8

I think this article from desiring god is helpful though its not some kinda idea or techniques but it definitely deals with a lot of things. As for me i try to memorize it just the way i do chemical formulas or postulates.

(Tim Ramey) #9

Benjamin, thanks for sharing about your app. I memorize in the RSV which is very similar to the ESV so I doubt if the app would have my version. However, what is the name of the app as I will look into it. I love the fact that you have to write in the first word of the verse because, from my experience, the first word is key yo getting you on track for the whole verse. Could you send the name of the app? Thanks Benjamin!

Chandra, your enclosed article is a must read for the group. Everyone, please read the article that Chandra sent. It is right on and dispels a lot of myths that we have about memorization. You would be amazed at how many lingoes, commercials etc you learn. You can memorize but need to make it a priority. It’s not time consuming - you just need to prioritize a routine.

Scripture is a great mind filler as, to reflect on the verses, is such a higher way to think than to let our minds wander off to thinking critically, impurely or selfishly. It changes our mind set.

Thanks so much Chandra for that article. I’m going to save it and use it to explain to others how and why they should memorize.

Who am I to say this but I will anyway and that is that I am so proud of each of you that have taken on the discipline of using your minds resourcefully. With all of the junk out there it is great to fill our minds with God;s Word!

(Benjamin ) #10


(Monica Diane Hall) #11

Romans 10:17"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."
I have found listening to scripture on cd as I’m drifting off to sleep keeps His word in my heart and mind. A long time ago the told me to keep putting His word in and He would pull it out to be applied for His Kingdom.

(Tim Ramey) #12

Monica, Amen! I read the Bible before I go to sleep so I have it as the last thing in my mind.

Not to counter your words as I am in full agreement but what I find even better than a cd is to have it memorized and I review a chapter and often drift off reciting it in my mind. Also, your application to the Word being applied to your life is a treasured truth!

Monica, consider hopping aboard our memorization group. We just take on 2 verses/week as we make our way through a chapter. We are currently in Philippians 4. To memorize it has been like reading it for the first time for me.

(joyce yung) #13

Happy New Year everyone.
My 2019 resolution is the same one I have for the past 25 years: Loose weight. the only thing different is that my goal was to loose 5 pounds 25 years ago and today, my goal is to loose 25 pounds!!!.
Since insanity is to do the same thing and expect a different result, maybe my 2020 resolution should be weight gain. Maybe I will loose some weight then.

Joking aside, my prayer for us for 2019 is that God will help each one of us to stay focus on our calling and not be easily be distracted.

God bless.

(Kelly) #14

I found a website that puts scripture to music. It’s word for word from the ESV version of various scriptures. I know this isn’t relevant to this scripture lesson, but if you’re interested in other scriptures to learn, it’s a pretty cool website and having the verses put to music really helps you to memorize them. The website is

Here is a sample:

Note: The music varies.