Philippians 4:21-22

(Tabitha Gallman) #22

@Tim_Ramey, I went under “Groups” and clicked on the Bible_Memorization_Group, then on the next page that opened I put my user name in the field below the group name and my profile pic and name came up, but do I need to do anything else right now?

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(Carson Weitnauer) #23

@tabby68, you’ve joined the group, so you will get notifications when Tim @mentions it to list new topics for memorizing Scripture.

(Tabitha Gallman) #24

Oh, ok, thank you so much @CarsonWeitnauer :grinning:
I will be watching for the notifications. Meanwhile I will be attempting to memorize his recommended Romans 8.

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(Anita Mary Delores) #25

Hello Tim,

Blessed are you or leading this Bible memorization group… & thanks for your most encouraging emails.

I live in Arendal, Norway (its on the south east coast… & very beautiful.)

God bless


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(Tim Ramey) #26

Thanks so much for your kind words. I bet you live in a gorgeous area. Your our first representative from Norway. I’ve yet to get to Norway but my wife is half Norwegian so we plan on it some day.

Excuse me for the misspellings but my grandaughter’s name is Ingrid and I always have nicknames for them and I call her Inga tinga takka for!

(Tim Ramey) #27

Carson beat me to the punch and answered your question. Thanks for taking this on so seriously. Tabitha, you may want to consider joining us as we are all memorizing Colossians 1 at the moment. I changed that post since you read it as it was so old. Romans 8 is a super chapter but we did that as a team a year and a half ago.

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(Tabitha Gallman) #28

@Tim_Ramey, Thanks… Ok, whew, that sounds great as I was afraid I’d have to play catch up :grinning:

And also, I currently have NIV, KJV, and NKJV, but do you recommend any version that is better for memorization?

I am in Calhoun, GA, USA and looking forward to seeing where everyone else is from.:grinning:

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(Tim Ramey) #29

Tabitha, thank you for you post. I added you to the map so thanks as well for letting me know where you live. Yes, you are just up the road from Joyce. It’d be great if you two met sometime. There are quite a few in Connect from Georgia besides the leaders, aren’t there?

It’s going to be a good time memorizing together. Remember to add any insights or questions as it’s good to hear from everyone! It’s always an encouragement to all.

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(Tabitha Gallman) #30

Yes @Tim_Ramey, Tim it would be really nice to connect with the Georgia people that might be close. Did you say there is a map we can look at to view the group? Thanks again, and as challenging as storing and retrieving anything into my memory (my husband would agree, lol) I will do my best.

Thank you again.


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(Tim Ramey) #31

@Bible_Memorization_Group @tabby68

Dear Tabitha and the rest of the memorization group

Tabitha asked how to access the site for the map which I put on today’s Col 1:3-4 post as well as below. But in addition, I would recommend that all of you interested in the map would bookmark it. Below the link to the map is Carson’s instructions as to how to bookmark.