Philippians 4:23


(Tim Ramey) #21

Samuel, you not reply to this post but I have to tell you how encouraging it is for someone to come along side me, excited about God’s Word. The measure you put into it is the measure you’ll get out of it.

Keep in mind that I am not a natural at memorization. I’m not gifted that way. But I get a rourine down and Samuel, the key is to have a time where you not only memorize but review. Don’t lose what you’ve put so much time in to memorize.

As you learned, “The grace of our Lord Jesus be with your spirit”!

(Jason Walker) #22

I see a problem with different people posting. I think there should be a constant anchor that keeps the solid foundation of the group, so say the posting of the verses be consistently @Tim_Ramey and then maybe how does the verse impact be the responsibility of a different person each week, inviting all in the @Bible_Memorization_Group to also share their reflections. So Tim posting be the consistent anchor and then the devotional responses become a responsibility of the group

(Jason Walker) #23

#facts! all that you are doing in these postings is important @Tim_Ramey

(Tim Ramey) #24

Jason, thanks for your input. I would be happy to continue posting the verses. I feel like a Paul who had such concern for the beloved. I am no Paul but maybe more like Colossians 1:1 where the letter was addressed to the saints from Paul & TIMOTHY. I could be the backup guy!

Anyway, as long as my fellow believers want to memorize, I’ll be there to post. Thanks for your feedback Jason.

(Linda Nikitin) #25

Thursday, February 14, 2019
Hullo Tim and Nancy and all our Colossians group from snowy, icy Michigan,
Our family is safe in this winter weather. As I write this, I can hear someone’s snowblower on our court.
Thanks Tim for posting about your Bible memory journey. I have memorized Philippians 1, Colossians 1:1-18, and I am working on The Gospel of John. I know I am ahead of our group in Colossians, but I am SO HUNGRY for THE BIBLE. HOW it feeds MY SOUL!! It strengthens me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Memorizing THE BIBLE is as critical for me as breathing!!
I want to encourage you to ask The Lord Jesus to help you to connect the dots. Like the dot to dot activity books, we had as children. You can pray something like this, if you want to. No Pressure. Just a kind suggestion.
Prayer — “Lord Jesus, I want to incorporate God’s Word into every fiber of my being. I want to love you. I want to worship you. I want to obey you. I want to please you. I want to be your helper in this world. Please help me to connect the dots in Colossians. Please put the words into my mind and help them to come out my mouth for Your Honor, and Glory, and for Your Kingdom. In Your Holy, Wonderful, Powerful Name, Lord Jesus, I pray, Amen.”
Linnie :blush::dove:

(Tim Ramey) #26


Linnie, I cannot begin to verbalize how precious your post is to me. First of all, because you echo my feelings about memorization. Memorization has literally revolutionized my life. I want it for everyone but just because it is for me, doesn’t mean that is what everyone is suppose to do. But as I go over my chapters, something keeps jumping out at me.

I want to share one such thing that did today but before I do, I so thank you for your prayer, Linnie. I just wished that you hadn’t said “I” but “we”. His Word is the way He uses mostly to guide me. If I am “quiet” my mind races but if I am focused on His Word, He shows me more of Himself.

What I wanted to share was, when we were going over Philippians 4:12, there was discussion about “the secret” - what it was and how do we get it? I am slow but this is what I think I saw! Paul was saying that he knew the secret but to always incorporate the secret is another thing. In other words, because Paul knew it didn’t mean that he always used it. My take is that we all know the secret but we, also, don’t always use it. What is the secret? I think he tells us in the next verse, “Php 4:13 I can do all things in him who strengthens me.” He is the secret but we don’t always utilize the secret. Not so profound but actually it was to me because I had never seen it like that before. Most of you are probably exclaiming, “Yawn” as you saw it already as it was so obvious to you. But that is the beauty of His Word, He uncovers things to us at different times.

I’d like to pray with Linnie for us all:

“Jesus, we all want to love you and worship, obey and please you and to be Your ambassadors. Lord Jesus, Linnie is right, as You take a dot and as You keep joining them, we get a picture. Thank you Jesus, that we know you. We want to know You more every moment of every day!”

Greeting to you dear saints!

(Tim Ramey) #27

Dear Linnie

It’s snowing here now. I wonder if you have more snow than us? We have about 4 feet probably. I live in northern MN.

I wanted to message you but was unable to so I am replying to this email. Usually you go onto your Peanuts & Snoopy and tap it, and your name comes up with “Message” on the upper right but it didn’t do so.

Linnie, I wrote a lengthy reply to your Philippians 4:23 post but I wanted to write to you some personal things and my reply was so long.

Thank you so much for your prayer. You did not pray to me but the idea is so profound. I want to do it more often. But I wanted to invite you to another area that I am burdened by in and out of Connect and that is prayer. I’ve asked people in Connect that if they want us to pray for them to go to the topic “Prayer & Updates.” So far Kelly and David, from our memorization group are the only ones who are the pray-ers but if you wanted to join us, I’m not putting pressure on you but we could always use more pray-ers.

So you have had cerebral palsy all of your life. I’d like to hear more about that sometime - what it actually does to you. I am a paraplegic who is 68 that was injured in a firefighting accident 20 years ago. I am completely paralyzed from T-4 down.

Regarding memorization, are you good at keeping what you’ve memorized. I review otherwise I’d lose it and it is in my review times that I have the most light shed on the verses. I’d be curious what you do and how you retain it. Isn’t it great to be awake at night and be able to have the Bible right in your head? Or I am in a line and I can quote my chapters. I think it has done so much just being in my heart. I am so excited hearing someone else that is so enthused about Scripture memorization. Most people will learn a verse or two but I love the whole chapter as it not only has a contextual advantage but I learn so much from verses that I would not have picked.

I’d like to hear more about Janet Pope though I will go to her site that you gave to Donna. Thanks also for inviting Lou to join. I hope that he does. Many will drop out but I encourage people that it is a lie to say that you are not good at memorizing because I would be terrible. It’s all in the routine and the review. If anyone stays with it, they’ll never regret it.

There is more but Linnie, I am guilty of always writing my Epistles from Timothy! The Lord sent you along at the right time because I was getting a little discourages trying to whomp everyone up to keep going. I’d love to have more interaction as I think light that has come to us could help others as well. We need each other in the body of Christ!

In Jesus