Dear Connect Community,
Our local church is reopening on the first week of October and I have the great honor of preaching from Phillipians Ch 1.
I am prepareing by praying, reading the book a lot as well as reading Paul by N.T. Wright & using Dr. Constiple’s study notes.
I would love to hear from Connect some thoughts, suggestions, applications or any advice for teaching through this beautiful letter.

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What a blessing! Will you be doing a series of sermons from Philippians, or are you planning a single sermon covering all of chapter 1?

It sure is. There are four of us. We will teach on a chapter each over the four Sunday’s in October. I am already amazed by the paradox of writing from prison about joy and encouragement.

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It would be quite the challenge to teach on the whole chapter of Philippians in one sermon. It is one of my favorite books in the Bible. I would suggest Dr. John Pipers “Look at the Book” video series on Philippians. It is an amazing and extensive verse by verse look at the book of Philippians.

I think it is a timely message for the days we are in as one of the focus’ of the letter seems to be joyful thanks in suffering. How when we treasure Christ above all other things then we can have joy even in times of sorrow.

I will be praying that the Holy Spirit speaks through you powerfully.