Phillip Allen


Where are you from? Marietta, Georgia USA

What led you to join Connect? Ruth Malhotra, who works for Ravi Zacharias, is a friend

How do you hope to contribute? Not sure, as yet


Hi @Phillip_E_Allen, it’s nice to meet you, welcome :pray:t3: I trust you will find this a welcoming environment to engage in. Please feel free to ask questions and offer you thoughts. I hope to read more from you as you browse through the the various conversations. Take care :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, @Phillip_E_Allen, and welcome to Connect! It’s great to hear Connect is spreading via word-of-mouth. It’s certainly impacted my life, and I hope you will continue to welcome others here. Give Ruth Malhotra a word of encouragement - I respect the RZIM staff so much who serve people around the world selflessly who they’ve never met. Looking forward to reading your posts!

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