Phillip clayton


I came across a book called Science and Religion by Phillip Clayton. Does anyone know the author or the book?
Thank you for your help!

I personally have not engaged with the book, but Routledge (the publisher) is a pretty solid one when it comes to academic texts. The only thing I know about the author is that which I have googled about him and the institution at which he teaches.

In what capacity are you seeking to use or engage with the book?

Hi! Thanks for the feedback!
To answer your questions, I am a Theology student.

Lovely. :slight_smile: It would be my understanding (due to the publisher) that it would be a decent book with which to engage. You can also check out Prof. Alister McGrath, who runs the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion at Oxford.

The intersection of science and religion is one of his ‘things’. He’s an incredibly clear and concise teacher, as well.