Phyllis McAuley

Hi Everyone,

I am Phyllis and I live in Northern Ireland, in the city of Lisburn.

I have always wanted to join the Alumni membership at RZIM ever since I finished the Core Module (several years ago) but never quite got round to it. I recently started thinking about all the information I gained from my courses at RZIM and I wanted to re-visit them. I want to re-learn the things I have forgotten and I want to put the knowledge I have gained to good use. I have recently been convicted to study the Bible more deeply. Having been a Christian for almost 60 years, I should know the Bible a lot better than I do!! I am therefore essentially here to learn and share experiences with you my brothers and sisters in Christ. may God bless us as we seek to serve each other and do His work.

I hope to contribute by asking questions and sharing my thoughts within this resource. As I deepen my knowledge of the Bible, I hope to use this by writing about themes relevant to Christians. I feel a particular call to ministry amongst women - both Christian and non Christian, particularly those who find the “Church” (as they know it) to be unattractive, irrelevant, and out of date. I also want to minister to those who have disengaged with their Christian faith. This has been on my heart for many years but I have not been consistent in making it happen. God has been convicting me about this calling and that is the main reason I turned towards my time at RZIM. I learned so much and the community here is a wonderful place to encourage and share ideas with other like-minded Christians, and get insight into many of the hard questions people have about God and the Christian Gospel.

I wish to thank RZIM for creating this community and for making access to all previous course available - this is going to bring so much blessing to others. May I be consistent in serving God in the ministry I hear Him calling me to.


Hi Phyllis! @Phyllis

I’m so glad you didn’t let one more day slip past without joining Connect.
Having the videos available to re-watch since the Core Module has been wonderful.
Those months of the CM was intensive…so it’s great to have this as a resource to go back and watch again…can glean things we missed the first time around :wink:

I appreciate your heart here:

I think your wisdom and longevity in the faith is invaluable to this community- thanks for knowing the call to reach out to others and encourage them in their walks.

I hope you, also, will be encouraged here- as you explore the many topics and categories offered in the “3 line button” at the top right.

Be blessed, Phyllis! :relaxed:


Thank you Heidi for your warm welcome and encouraging words. Much appreciated. Blessings to you :raised_hands:t2:


Hello Phyllis, Thank you for sharing your story. I believe that is a common theme among many in the church. We should all know our Bibles much better. This is one of the reasons I appreciate our former Muslim brothers and sisters. They have come from a system of memorization, and then use that toward their new faith in Jesus. I appreciate the challenge to know God’s Word better. Keep learning and do not be discouraged about what the past has been. But remain faithful to God in the present and the future.


Daren, I didn’t know Muslims memorized a lot. For sure a challenge to me to get back into that.

Thank you Darren. You’re right to appreciate the practice of memorising scripture - which was very popular when I was a child and even into my teens! I still remember a lot of passages committed to memory from those days.
I also had an aunt, who Iived to be 100 years old, and who could recite large portion of scripture despite having dementia- what a wonderful blessing to have scripture in your memory banks in old age - when the eyes are dim and the mind frail!
May she encourage us all.
Thank you for your kind words of encouragement- God’s timing is sways perfect, and, I believe, He can rectify our past ‘mistakes’ and bring Glory to his name through them.
Blessings to you.

Yes, in fact, in Islam the Korah in to be memorized in Arabic.

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