Please Place Your Name Her Denny Laviolette

Say hello…Hello I hope all is well and I am looking for friends of Jesus and god and the holy spirt.

Where are you from?Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.

What led you to join Connect? I love the work that he started and how he teaches people with love and understanding to all their questions.

How do you hope to contribute? If I can help just one person in anyway I will feel like I have a purpose in helping god.


Warm welcome to Connect @dennywlaviolette

Your passion for helping others is the springboard of a greater work God has prepared for you in advance. Press on as we are here to help each other to be used for HIs greater purpose.


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@dennywlaviolette. Hello, Denny. I love that your heart in wanting to help people know God. Thank you for joining us.


Welcome to Connect, Denny. Wonderful to see another Canadian aboard. We drove to Halifax last year. It is beautiful. I am from Toronto, the city most Canadians hate. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Do hope to talk to you again soon. Love your heart to help others.


Hello Denny!
I like what you said:

God will multiply the one. Our portion is just to introduce Him. Amazing God we have!

In Him,