Please Place Your Name Here Al

Hello, my name is Al.

Where are you from? I live in Cranbrook, BC Canada

What led you to join Connect? RZIM invited me

How do you hope to contribute? I enjoy Q and A’s. From time to time, I give presentations, both at work and in the church community. Sometimes I will have a question and sometimes I may be able to help provide help and encouragement.


Welcome to Connect, Al. :smiley: It is wonderful to have you join our community as we learn and study together. What have been the topics of some of your recent talks? Does any particular question you have fielded stand out to here- we would love for you to start a topic on it!


2 weeks ago, May 12, a small church of about 30 asked me to deliver the Sunday sermon. The message I gave was an overview of the Bible. The title was “A view from 20,000 feet”
My talk was about 35 minutes.
I referenced several people including Chuck Swindoll, Ravi Zacharias, Michael Ramsdem. My scripture reference was Judges 1:6-9.

They asked me back for this Sunday, May 26. The topic is “Why are you a Christian “. I’m referencing “Foundations of Apologetics”, and 1 Peter 3:8-16 as well.
I’m praying for wisdom and common language


Hi and welcome Al,

Nice, you are from BC. I used to study at Vancouver, but live in Richmond, BC Canada too, for 6 years. One of the best place to be, would love to be back there one day.

I’m intrigued by your title “a view from 20,000 ft”, will love to know its main content. Sounds interesting.

Hope to hear more from you in and around Connect,

Blessings in Christ,
Roy Sujanto


Hi Al! @adyck
Welcome to Connect. I’m sure your gift of speaking and teaching will enhance our forums and conversations.
Glad to have you here :relaxed:


Good Morning Roy

Because you asked, here are a few key points:

  1. Joshua 1 vs 8
  2. this sermon was not endorsing prosperity theology
  3. Early Christians used the term Byblos (books)
  4. The Bible is "an inspired record of God’s mind in printed form
  5. 1560 Geneva Bible was released - very important date
  6. 'the old covenant reals the new and the new covenant is revealed in the old." Augustine (November 354 -Aug 430)

These are the most salient points…

Best wishes for a great weekend!


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