Please Place Your Name Here Amanda

Say hello…

Where are you from? Indiana

What led you to join Connect? podcast description of RZIM Connect

How do you hope to participate? learn more about hard Biblical questions


Welcome Amanda, you’re in the right place. Please do feel free to ask all your heart felt questions and to contribute to any conversation, your contributions are highly welcome and I’m sure you will learn a lot as I have. God bless you @AmandaHWooton

Shalom! :laughing: :smiley:


Thanks for hailing in from Indiana, we’re glad you’ve joined this connect! :wave:t3::blush:

That’s awesome that you heard about this through the podcasts… the RZIM podcasts are amazing!!

I hope you’ll check out the #bible-questions and other categories with helpful and insightful answers! But do feel free to ask your own questions and jump in to some of the discussions as you feel led!! We’d love to hear from you!


Hey @AmandaHWooton

Welcome to RZIM Connect! It is a wonderful place to dive in and search out some of the treasures of God and His Word.

As @CharityLinzey mentioned, jump right in and read, explore, and discuss! May you be drawn even closer to our Savior and depth of His love through this journey!


Hello @AmandaHWooton
Welcome to RZIM Connect!

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Hi Amanda! You’re definitely in the right place to learn about those hard Biblical questions. What podcast have you been listening to? I was also lead to connect as I was listening to Cover to Cover and Ask Away😊