Please Place Your Name Here Andrew

Hi everyone. I am Andrew. I live half way between Oxford and London so will be commuting daily to the Business Course. I am an entrepreneur/investor and really keen to explore with you all what kingdom business looks like. I am very much looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you all.


Welcome Andrew! I joined a few weeks ago. Believers here are very friendly and Word focused! Enjoy Your time here. Ask away!


Welcome, @hobley! Halfway between Oxford and London…does that put you in the High Wycombe area? :slight_smile: Amazing that you will be commuting in for the Business Programme. I pray that it will be a transformative and encouraging time for you!



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Welcome to Connect, and all the best wishes for the Business Conference. What led you to plan to attend, and what type of industry do you work in? :slight_smile: I look forward to learning more from you here.