Please Place Your Name Here Bob

Say hello… Hi, my name is Bob

Where are you from? I am from Miami, FL

What led you to join Connect? I attended the event last night at the University of Miami. It was amazing! (I loved the way Ravi and Abdu handled the questions - even the guy who wouldn’t be quiet and accept the answer that Ravi gave to his crazy question!)

How do you hope to contribute? I hope we can all learn from all of the resources offered here - PLUS learn from each other!


Hi Bob! I love it! Yes, that’s what we’re doing and it is helping hundreds of thousands of people each year. It would be awesome to have you join in and contribute great questions and thoughtful, respectful answers. I find that investing in Connect spurs me on to study and boldness in evangelism.

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Welcome Bob,
I have watched and listened to Ravi many times but live must be a great treat. We all have things to contribute and learn. May His rest, peace settle upon you.


Welcome to Connect Bob! It’s great to have you here and look forward to your input to any of the discussions. This is a great place to learn! :blush:

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Welcome Bob.