Please Place Your Name Here. Dan

Say hello…Hi

Where are you from? Nairobi

What led you to join Connect? Interaction

How do you hope to participate? Saying what I know according to scripture


Hester. Tulsa Oklahoma…Looking into New Earth

Hi Dan and welcome. Connect is a great community to interact with other believers and for starting a new discussion, or to join in with any discussions and topics that you would like to contribute to. I hope you find your time on Connect a blessing to you spiritual growth :slightly_smiling_face:.



Welcome to connect @dan.ngugi12. You came to the right place if you’re looking for interaction. I hope you get to be involved in some very deep discussions that edify your journey. Thank you for coming alongside us. God-bless you and your faith path.


i appreciate your response and that you have tentaviely assigned a contact name. My name is DON Davis and I would appreciate if you would use my first name it is what MY PARENTS blessed ME WITH. I LOVE GOD, I LOVE HIS WORD and I AM GOD’S MAN. I cannot believe he has blessed me with so many gifts. HE IS THE GREATEST LOVER AND GIVER, BE WELL, BE SAFE AND BE GOOD, Regards Don Davis

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