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Say hello…

Where are you from? Palm Cost Fl.

What led you to join Connect? The conference coming up!

How do you hope to contribute? Bioethics -----I have recently completed my Bioethics Degree. Ravi Zacharias has been the catalyst from which I chose to take on the additional degree in Bioethics. In my position as a Catholic deacon I have attempted to integrate a challenge to the vast onslaught of technology that begins to impede on the faithful in a subversive way. My hope is to give a method of seeing through those advancements in a reflective precept that is more based on faithful reflection instead of oblique acceptance. And although the statement says how do you hope to contribute, I am hoping that while I am reaching out to interact with those who are expanding in the field of bioethics that I can provide some of which I have learned, and my hope in this is that I will gain from others a broader understanding of the best methods to improve the presence of GOD in what I do.

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Glad to have you here! I look forward to seeing more from you!

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(Ed Wolff) #3

Thank You
I’m SO Excited about being able to connect.

(Keldon Scott) #4

Welcome aboard @wolffpack. Your input will be helpful to many. So glad you decided to connect. What one thing in bioethics would you want me to know related to God or faith? God-bless your journey and your involvement here.