Please Place Your Name Here Jathusan Jeyakunar

Hi, I am Jathusan Jeyakumar, a follower of Christ from Sri Lanka. I hope, through RZIM connect, I will be able to know more about Christology and also help others with their doubts.


Hi @Jathusan, welcome to connect. I trust as you browse through here, you will find what you need to strengthen your faith and gain the confidence to share that with others. Thank you for your heart in wanting to do that :pray:t3: Feel free to ask questions and offer your thoughts and insight :slightly_smiling_face:


@Jathusan Nice to meet you!

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Hi Jathusan, welcome to connect, I am from WV USA. Only been on connect for a few months but have found it to be an awesome place with like minded believers searching out truth. I am positive you will find what you need to grow in Christ.


Welcome aboard @Jathusan. So glad you have come along side us here at connect. You will definitely expand your knowledge of Christianity with just reading the threads that interest you the most. Many of our members are so well read and caring that you will be blessed. Please bless us with your questions and sharing of your experiences. God-bless you and your journey.