Please Place Your Name Here Peter Tokar

Say hello… Hello Everyone!

Where are you from? Welland, Ontario, Canada

What led you to join Connect? Dr. Ravi Zacharias gave a most awesome welcome and his championship as he reckoned with us, with me, saying my need in the world at large, the developing of my Articulatory and Apologetic Arguments to put our hearts and minds in the Hands of God, our Almighty Potter, putting The Watermark of Christ that is His Blood on the Cross and His Death. What makes Christianity a defined place at the feet of our Lord and Saviour beneath The Cross that we lay our heartfelt witness to accept a new way to proclaim that life here and now in 2019 in June, i am age sixty. Dr. Ravi Zacharias states put age on hold. For now set age as meaning not of important for being a worker in the Vineyard, asking not where to go? asking how to serve here and now?

How do you hope to contribute? Reading, wrriting, contributing as best I will right in Welland, where I am. My Creator God, has placed Dr. Ravi Zacharias and his words spoken on my computer display, so his words touched me deeply.


Welcome to the Connect community, Peter, a community where we seek to show God’s love to one another as we learn together. :slight_smile: You mention hearing from Dr. Ravi Zacharias online. What is an RZIM podcast or article that has stood out to you lately?


Good days to my Christian sister Miss @Brittany_Bowman1 thank you to my sister and as a alumnus of University of Oklahoma (not me, but I was a college graduate, class of 1984) I am happy that you are here, and my life as a believer in Jesus Christ, has a story that is mostly unheard, my problem with being a godly person, is my mental attention span is short, I stop being adequately equipped as a man of God, so I tend to be hollow and unreal in my relationships.


Welcome to connect Peter. I pray we all grow together here and can increase his kingdom!


Welcome aboard @Peter_Tokar. Glad you have come along side us. I love: developing our apologetic training by putting our hearts and minds in the hands of God – our potter. . . The imagery was so very good! Look forward to reading your posts in the future. God bless you and your journey.


Welcome @Peter_Tokar :heart: Your intro was beautiful! You have already made a contribution here. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts and insight. I agree with @Keldon_Scott about the imagery, thank you :pray:


This Moment Here and Now, while I respond on RZIM Connect To Our Global Alumnists of People Who All are making our contributions in this FORUM, on various Topics and Themes, it seems like we are babies in the way of cutting new teeth as we write comments about what real Christian Praise and Worship has meant in our journey. I feel that the very final judgement and final words will be from God, not from us. We might face people who will show hate to us, trying to make us pay with our lives because the Lord Jesus Christ is our Saviour, whom we serve. Jesus made it clear in the writings of Saint John that we are His and because we know Him we also know His Father. And He will send to us the Comforter, The Holy Ghost, The One Who will remind us of all we will be required to know, to acknowledge that Jesus died on the Cross for uss, and His Death and His Resurrection made atonement to pay the full price for our sins. In the past, in the present times, and throughout all times in the future. Jesus Christ, the Unblemished Lamb of Sacrifice for the Holy God to accept us as His Beloved Ones. Jesus is my Lord and Saviour. I pray you will have Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Saviour also. AMEN.


Welcome @Peter_Tokar in this platform


a warm welcome to you, Peter! @Peter_Tokar
My brother has the same name :blush::blush: It’s a good one!
Loved your intro, as well.

Thanks for your perspective here as we all age and desire to continue in our service to the Lord:


Hello on RZIM CONNECT to Everyone Who Has Answered To My First Introductory Words of Descriptive

Answering The Questions of My Name, Why I Had Joined Here, And How I Will Hope To Make Useful

Contributions Here And To Connect With Many People With Distinctive Words Of How I See My Ways

And Means Of Contributions Will Allow My Thoughts And Caring Kindness As A Gentleman Who Is

A Follower of Jesus Christ And Also I Must Say I Have Stopped Attending Churches Due To Issues

Over Being Treated Unkindly by the Pastor’s Wife, She and her daughter-in-law both asked me to

stop singing in church. They said my voice was too loud and not good for singing, so I stopped going

there. I also decided to stop attending all churches. I do not say that everyone should do as I am doing?

I spent eight weeks quarrantined in my room, and after having a biopsy performed on one of my scabbed

sores the results came back negitive that my skin sores were not “scabes.” So, I was in my room

quarrantined for eight weeks and it turned out to be pointless. My past life does not matter. Now is what

matters. I do go out and spend too much money when it is in my wallet as cash or using my bank card.

Welcome Peter. Glad to have you here