Please Place Your Name Here Ron

Say hello… Hello my name is Ron Parker I am a retired New York City firefighter from Brooklyn New York.

Where are you from?

What led you to join Connect?

How do you hope to contribute?


I Enjoy listening to Robbie Zacharias, He makes so much sense of this world and he is very easy to listen to and most of all He speaks wonderfully about Jesus is messages and how we should apply them in my daily life.


Hi Ron - welcome. Thank you so much for your service - our first responders are so very special :slight_smile:


Welcome Ron! You’ve retired from one service and now being equipped for another service…:smiley:


Yes I am trying to learn more about our Lord and savior so I can speak more clearly to non believers without being evasive or harsh.


Hi @Ronparker so grateful to have you here. Thank you for your service as a fire fighter! Looking forward to your thoughts on the various topics. Enjoy browsing :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Ron! @Ronparker
Welcome to Connect :slight_smile:
Your time as a NYC firefighter must have given you great perspective in life- I can just imagine all you’ve seen, and done in some intense situations.
Thank you for your service!
I agree with you about Ravi- so easy to listen to. Enjoy as you explore the topics and conversations going on in the forums!


Hi everyone are you all seeing these posts ?, I a little unsure to how this all works.

I think I get it , we are all connected to this Thread, How silly of me.
I was a first responder on 9/11/01(FDNY). Worked at Ground Zero on and off until Jan. 6 2002. I lost 343 Firefighter Brothers. Having worked in Midtown Manhattan for 8 yrs. 46 Were my personal friends.
I Thank God for my survival ever day. We all have health related issues although I’m not complaining. since then over 210 NYC firefighters have succumbed to cancer and have died. The rest of us are all sick.
I have mentioned God in my book “Chiefs Pawns & Warriors” my personal memoir so I time wouldn’t diminish the facts of my story. It is available at The 9/11 Memorial Museum at Ground Zero. If any of you are interested in a signed copy let me know. I will be at the Museum for a book signing on Monday July 1 at 11 AM. Hope to meet some of my Brothers & Sisters in Christ there. I reside in south Florida and my trips to NYC are now few.
Thank you all for your Blessings and May God Bless You All as Well.


Ron, The Holy Spirit has you in his pocket. He has you covered. He gives us words to say. We are His priests of reconciliation.

It’s when I realize God has constructed the encounter that I find peace. Pray while I am in conversation, mindfully, a few words like “Help me Lord!” that I then I get out of being unselfconscious and let him lead me. I mess up. Don’t remember scripture locations. Need to study and memorize more. Sure. But I never know enough. Read enough. Will walk on water without fixing my gaze always on Jesus.

Remember, God has spoken to that person before you. He is acquainted with their life. I have had people tell me later how the conversation was something they needed to hear. That’s news to me. All we have to do is surrender. He is greater. He is everything we need.

Thank you so much I will try harder to spread the word of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ

Thanks for your support !!