Please Place Your Name Here Trudy

Say hello…Hello I’m Trudy

Where are you from? I live in Missoula, Montana

What led you to join Connect? I’ve read many of Ravi’s books and have listened to his broadcasts and have been a follower of RZIM for years.

How do you hope to contribute? It whatever way the Lord leads me.


Hi @holyishe, welcome to connect, it’s great to have you here! I have been telling my husband for months that Iwant to visit Montana. Such beautiful landscape. Ravi has written so many wonderful books. Is there one in particular that is your favorite? Do feel free to engage here as the Lord leads :pray:t3:
God bless


Nice to meet you Trudy!


Welcome aboard @holyishe. Well I truly believe that the Lord has led you to connect with us. I got to go to Montana some years back and ski near Kalispell. I enjoyed your outdoors and the adventures we experienced there. I hope you enjoy and that the Lord leads you to post some good questions and to engage in some good dialog in this forum. God-bless you and your journey.


A big welcome Trudy @holyishe. Love to have you join us. I have never been to the U.S but hope to do so someday. Don’t worry, I believe you are being lead by the Lord to RZIM Connect. Connect is a simple family structure, children never gets lost navigating their way within. I hope that is true for you also?. Be free to ask any questions,
Explore, engage and enjoy and let the glory return to God Almighty.

I am looking forward to reading your contributions.
More Grace
From Nigeria