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Where are you from?Riyadh Saudi Arabia

What led you to join Connect? I am a regular listener of Dr Ravi’s messages for years. His messages drives me deeper in to Faith in Christ. Just today I got this link and joined. Last week I wrote a mail to RZIM and waiting for a reply regarding his forthcoming visit to India so as to attend his meeting.

How do you hope to contribute? On line


Welcome to Connect, George. :slight_smile: It is great to hear you have been growing deeper in your faith over the years. Is there an RZIM message that has stood out to you as a favorite? Best of luck in getting to hear Ravi Zacharias speak life- I’m certain it will be fascinating!


Welcome! I think it is great to connect to others from around the world and grow in faith. Blessings!:slightly_smiling_face:


Wow Saudi Arabia, welcome @geophilip5! The scope of this ministry never ceases to amaze me. And the fact that we get to “meet” people from all over the globe. So thankful to have you here :pray:


Dears in RZIM,

Thanks and greetings from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

I heard from somebody around me that Dr Ravi has a tour plan to India very soon. I would highly appreciate if you would let me know his itinerary and if I could get an opportunity to just meet him for few seconds while there. Any ways, I want to at least attend his meetings there in India.

Thanks and praising God for the wonderful service RZIM doing around the globe.


Br George Philip


Hi George! @geophilip5
A warm welcome to you! So glad you’ve joined us :blush: