Please Place Your Name HereJudi

Say hello…hello

Where are you from? WV

What led you to join Connect? Connect came up on my phone. I’ve listened to RZIM since 2007 or so. I’ve learned so much from Ravi and other speakers and writers with RZIM …radio teachings, videos, writings

How do you hope to participate? to learn more about scripture and how to discern God’s voice
I hope my computer/phone skills don’t hinder me!


Welcome to the Connect family, @jsaz0116! :smiley:
We’re glad you discovered this platform and I’m sure you’ll find out quite soon what an immense blessing it is! Connect is such an amazing community for growing in our understanding of the Scriptures and in getting to love God with both our hearts and minds! I think that being more confident and more rooted in the Word will enable us to discern His voice more clearly, as He always directs us according to the Scriptures. Don’t worry for a moment about your computer skills, since, as they say, “practice makes perfect”! We’re so glad you’ve joined Connect! May God bless you! :slight_smile:

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Welcome, @jsaz0116!!

Feel free to ask anything you don’t understand. We are here to help you.


Welcome to the RZIM family! I pray that your love for God will bring peace and wisdom to you.

Hello and Welcome, @jsaz0116. I’m sure you will find encouragement in the stimulating conversations here. God bless you on your journey.