Please Place Your Name HereTino

Say hello…hi …my name is Tinostrong text****

Where are you from?im from Bakersfield Ca USA

What led you to join Connect?a friend told me about

How do you hope to contribute? I’m on a quest to find out more of the Word of God and how to defend my faith Biblically


@Tino Nice to meet you!

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Hi @Tino, welcome to connect :slightly_smiling_face: You have come to a great place to learn how to defend your faith. There are so many conversations to glean from. I trust you will enjoy browsing. Feel free to ask questions and offer your insight as well :pray:t2:
Take care


Hi @Tino,

Welcome! I’m so encouraged that a friend pointed you to RZIM Connect. Referrals are high praise and we take that seriously.

What are some of the questions you want to see answered so you can defend your faith biblically?

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Hello Tino, welcome to your journey through connect and ultimate truth of His word. You have a good friend who shared with you, he must believe this is a great place to fulfill your quest. I agree as well, have been part since September and have learned, and helped, myself.
Take care out there and may a light be visible for the end of covid?

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@Tino Welcome from the East Coast!