Please Place Your Name LydiaP

Say hello… Greetings all!

Where are you from?Texas hill country

What led you to join Connect? YouTube interview with Ravi Z

How do you hope to contribute? Seek answers to Biblical questions and lend support to others


Welcome Lydia(seller of purple?). Is Kerrville considered hill country?


Yes, Kerrville is in hill country.

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LoL at Seller of purple. :+1:

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Ok. I had a friend I was in the Navy who lived in Kerrville but he passed away last year. He had been the pilot for the lady who owned SAS Shoes. I still miss him. I never got to Kerrville though.

You should visit. There is a beautiful huge cross and sculpture garden there… Check out The Empty Cross online.

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I looked up the cross & Jesus on the white horse with a shofar in His hand. Also, Jesus washing one of the Apostles feet(maybe Peter). Magnificent! Thx…

You are welcome.

Welcome aboard @LydiaP. We are glad you have joined connect. From your intro it sounds like you have some biblical questions. Please feel free to post them. There so many very well read and caring members. I look forward to reading your posts. God-bless.


Hi Lydia! @LydiaP
So glad you’ve joined us :slight_smile:
I hope you enjoy looking around…so many great topics to check out.
Be blessed!


Hello, Lydia, and welcome to Connect! :slight_smile: It’s great you found us here- I’m curious, which YouTube video were you watching? If you’re interested, we could start a discussion on it!

Anyways, I look forward to hearing more from you on the forum, and I hope you have the courage to ask the questions on your heart. By Texas hill country, do you mean the northern part? I drove through there recently, and it was so beautiful.