Please Place Your Name Martin Wilson

Say hello…Hello

Where are you from? Vancouver WA is where I live

What led you to join Connect? I’m sure it was Jesus who led me here or it could be just me. There is a world out there with millions and billions of women that you have created and there isn’t one for me? GOD WILL NOT PETMIT ME TO BE SHUT OUT. THERE IS SOMEONE.

How do you hope to contribute. Jesus will tell me how I can contribute.


Welcome aboard @Martin_Wilson. Glad to have you joining us. I hope that you will find somebody that can be a companion and add spice to your life. In the mean time feel free to explore this forum and to engage in conversations that will enhance your relationship with Christ and be personally beneficial to your walk. God-bless you and your journey.


Hello Martin, welcome to connect! Wow, I hear you and you are right, there are a lot of people out there and I pray you find someone that simply delights you. :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy the many subjects covered in this forum and the interaction with fellow believers from around the world. It truly is a blessing. :blush:


This is a Christian organization isn’t it? Because I just read something about Muslims and I thought I was accidently hooked up to a Muslim site?

Yes Martin, this is indeed a Christian forum. It is a place for people to ask questions and so many different subjects are covered. Many people ask questions regarding different world religions to help them better understand those people in a hope to know how to approach them with the gospel or just to better be able to be a friend to them so that they may eventually be open to knowing about who Christ is. There is even a section here for science questions! Feel free to look around at the different topics and I am sure you’ll soon get a good idea about what Connect is all about. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Martin_Wilson, welcome to connect! Isn’t it strange how there can be so many people around and we can still feel lonely? I pray the Lord will place someone in your path who will compliment you and you her. I pray it is someone who will serve God along side you to fill your souls with joy. In the meantime, I trust you will find connect to be a friendly, safe space to share insight, encouragement, struggles and prayers.
Take care and enjoy browsing :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Martin_Wilson Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you too.

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