Please Place Your Name Sara Rhem

Hello ~

I am from Houston Texas USA, but live in Okemos, MI USA.

My husband took the Core Module and wanted to take it again, so we decided to do it!

Honestly, am a bit intimidated.


Hello Sara
God bless you for trying. Remember that you can listen to the podcasts over and over and over again. This is what I did. It began to make sense for little by little. I would also fill in the gaps in the handouts as I listened - this was helpful too. I’d also listen at half the speed for some of the speakers :slightly_smiling_face: You’ll see for yourself how it will all start to make sense. I would play the podcasts all the time - in the kitchen, bathroom, walking, driving, to help me fall asleep too :smirk: yep!!
That’s what worked for me. I hope to do another course next year at some point. Don’t give up and I’m going to start praying for you concerning this important challenge you’ve set yourself! You are not alone. God bless you !!


Hello, Sararhem, @Sararhem , Welcome to this great community where you don’t have to feel intimidated. I understand how you feel about the Core Module. I have always loved Ravi’s and the others’ abilities to face antagonistic crowds and give them amazing answers. So, when I saw the Core Module and RZIM Academy was offered, I thought how audacious of me to think that I could participate in such a class. It was hard at first, but I developed a routine of listening to the lectures, interacting on the forum, and taking a big gulp to do the assignments. I ended up loving it. You won’t retain everything, but if you keep your lecture notes and take good notes, you will have them to refer to later. (I confess, I had to stop and back-up the lecturers to get their points. But that’s the beauty of this type of class. You can go at your own pace.) I’m now on my third class and have developed friendships with people I will probably never meet from around the globe. So, enjoy the Connect community and the Core Module. Just be yourself and don’t be intimidated. Blessings, Sharon


Hi @Sararhem, it’s wonderful to have you here. I know you will really like the Core Module. This is a friendly environment so please feel free to engage, offering your thoughts and insight :pray:t3:


Hello! Don’t be intimidated! We all start somewhere. Plus, I’m still trying to figure it all out, even after years of study! Lol


Welcome aboard @Sararhem. So glad you have joined connect. I am from East Lansing. We have a group that meets on Monday at the Gand Traverse Pie company by campus called Apologetic Inklings. We are taking on Tactics by Greg Koukl. Please feel free to join us. In the meantime I hope that you enjoy reading some of the threads here. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi, Sara! Welcome to Connect. :smiley: It is cool that you and your husband are taking the Core Module together. I have the dvd Foundations of Apologetics series and have listened to a few of the lectures so far. There’s a lot to take in. Thank God for pause and rewind haha. You can absolutely do this!

Thanks for joining Connect and interacting with us all :purple_heart:.


Greeting from Nepal. I will be happy to read your response. My dream is to work at RZIM. Is it possible for a Nepalese gentleman ? If you have ideas, please…

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Hello Sara @Sararhem and welcome to connect.
Am so glad you sign up. Don’t be intimidated, we have the Spirit of Love and of sound mind in this family. Just stick around, explore and engage then you will be of great help to this community.

Be encourage