Please Pray for Youth Retreat

(Tara Pauls) #1

Hi all,

I would love for you all to hold up the youth
from my church in prayer this weekend. 33 kids in grades 8-12 (including my one and only niece😊) plus us leaders are heading out, as we speak, to learn more about God and His Son, Jesus. Please be praying that hearts and minds would be open to the Word and that each of the kids would come away changed; for those who don’t know Jesus that they would come away closer to accepting His offer of salvation, for those who have a personal relationship with Jesus that they would come away refreshed and more deeply committed to this relationship. However the Holy Spirit would direct you to pray, we would really appreciate it.

If I can ask for a special prayer for my niece, Ella. She is in grade 8 and doesn’t know anybody here. She also does not have frequent exposure to Jesus. I desperately want her to know Jesus. Please pray that this will be a good experience for her and that she will want to come back. Please also pray that God will open up an opportunity for me to engage her in an honest conversation about her beliefs and that He would guide me to ask the right questions.

Thank you all so very much and May God richly bless and keep each one of you.

(SeanO) #2

@tpauls8 Praying that the Holy Spirit would open these kiddos eyes and hearts to His magnificent love and that each day of their lives they would be reminded of the grace, love and peace that is in Jesus alone - that every time they see the sun rise and set their hearts would exalt the Creator and remember that though they are dust, they can find peace as children of the King :slight_smile: May the Lord give the leaders wisdom and faithfulness and purity and make this time one of holiness and pursuit of our Savior King!

(Tara Pauls) #3

Thanks so much Sean. I really appreciate your response. Amen!!!

(Sally Alexander) #4

May our Father protect and guide you and the other leaders, Ella and the youth. May He draw each one closer to Himself.

PS - Have some fun, too!

(Tara Pauls) #5

Thank you so much Sally😊

(Brian Lalor) #6

Praying right now Tara, may they all come to know Him, the power of His resurrection and have the faith to share in the fellowship of his sufferings.
“Daddy I pray particularly for Ella, touch her with your love right now, speak to her heart, make her your own. You are her beloved and she is yours, in Jesus’ name.”

(Tara Pauls) #7

Thank you so much Brian !

(Sara Isaac) #8

Oh Tara! Absolutely! I hope God makes their heart receptive for whatever He holds for them.
I pray that God gives you wisdom while talking to Ella and open opportunities for you both.
We will want a camp report after :sunglasses:

(Sieglinde) #9

Lord Jesus, You have such a heart for all of us especially children. I pray for these little ones for, salvation, understanding and to grow in wisdom. Watch over them Lord for our adversary would love nothing more than to steal their hearts away from You. Protect them Jesus and instill in them a strong desire to serve You. I pray that You will fill Tara with the Spirit and give her exactly what You know Ella needs to hear. Bless their time together Lord. All in Jesus Name, amen :pray:t2:

(Heidi Mitchell) #10

you got it friend @tpauls8 - praying for a fruitful and authentic experience for these kids-
and in particular your niece.
What a neat opportunity you have with her…
she’s blessed to have you as her aunt- praying for that one-on-one opportunity to speak with her!

(Tara Pauls) #11

Thank you Sara, Sig and Heidi! Thanks to all who are praying! Ella has made a new friend and the first session went really well. The kids are hearing about who Jesus is in a really down to earth and meaningful way. We had a brief time in small groups afterwards. Tonight we will have another session and more small group time.:blush:

Thanks again for your prayers. They mean so much!:grin:

(Kelly) #12

Very exciting that she made a friend!! So critical. Continued prayers for a wonderful time tonight and many seeds to be planted and watered.

(Tara Pauls) #13

Thanks so much Kelly!:grin:

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(Tara Pauls) #14

Thank you so much everyone for holding our youth in prayer this weekend! I am truly blessed to have all of you in my community!:heart:

The whole weekend was truly amazing. I believe that hearts were touched by the Holy Spirit as the kids worshipped their heavenly Father through song, learning and discussion in smaller groups after the talks. The speaker, I believe, was annointed by God. He challenged us to be extravagant in our response to Him as Mary was when she washed Jesus’ feet with nard in Mark 14. He exhorted us to decide whether our faith was a hobby or a serious commitment. He shared about the persecuted church around the world and what life looks like for these brothers and sisters. We were all led to consider what it would mean to deny ourselves *good things * for the sake of others and that discipleship costs everything.

The kids took this in and responded in various ways. Before every meal one of the kids volunteered to pray! Throughout the weekend, amongst other activities,
they contented themselves with writing encouragement notes to each other. The grade eight kids were welcomed by the older kids and seemed to form new and promising relationships. My niece really connected with the little sister of one of my grade 11 girls. What a blessing! Now she knows someone her age at my church. The leader of the grade 8 girls shared with me that Ella participated in the discussions and prayed for one of the girls during prayer time (they all prayed for the person to their left). I am so excited for the doors God is opening in her life. We spoke briefly on our way back about her favourite part of the retreat. She responded that she enjoyed the sessions of worship followed by teaching the most! Wow! I wasn’t expecting that!

Because I was leading a different group, I had limited time alone with Ella over the week-end, but I am encouraged that now the groundwork has been laid for a deeper conversation about who Jesus is to her. When she is here for a week this summer, I am hoping and praying to have a heart to heart with her. For those of you who feel led to keep her in your prayers, I would sincerely appreciate it.

May God richly bless each and every one of you. Thank you again!:heart:

(SeanO) #15

@tpauls8 Praise the Lord! So glad that it went well. May the seeds that were planted grow and produce fruit many times over!

(Tara Pauls) #16


(Sally Alexander) #17

Thank you so much for sharing this encouraging report!

May He continue to work in the lives of all who went, especially Ella, and draw them closer to Him!

(Tara Pauls) #18

Thanks Sally😊. I am praying for that.

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