Poll: Which book should we read next? Cast your vote

(SeanO) #41

@fortunatuskenzo Oh no - you should be able to get an eBook at least??? - we are studying John Lennox’s book ‘Determined to Believe’. Would love for you to jump in!

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(Kathleen Van Every) #42

This intrigues me as I love to read and discuss. This post is dated April 2nd. What is the timeline and have I already missed the beginning? John Lennox is superb.

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(SeanO) #43

@plantaseed We are on chapter 6 at the moment. We read one chapter per week. Still plenty of time to jump in :slight_smile:

(Kenzo) #44

still searching for the e book :smiley:

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(SeanO) #45

@fortunatuskenzo Here are a few links :slight_smile: :