Hi everyone, can Jesus set me free from porn and masturbation?


@Rex_krampa Definitely! 100%. Yes. But it is not necessarily something that happens all at once or something that Jesus does without your involvement. The journey beyond addiction requires understanding your own body, the lies you have believed and patient, persistent pursuit of purity.

  • Sexual desire is periodic in nature, and this cycle is altered by addiction, so even if desire feels unconquerable all it requires is patience and something else to focus on. There are nonbelievers who have learned to subdue their passions through gaining a deeper understanding of their own body and discipline.
  • Don’t just pray - flee! So, prayer is important, but in the face of powerful temptation and addiction one should flee, not simply pray.
  • if you fall, confess your sin, take time to understand how you could have avoided the situation, try to understand if you bought into any lies (like “this is impossible” or “its not that bad”) and write down truth that counteracts those lies from Scripture. Then get back up and keep fighting!

This ministry helps people find freedom from pornography:

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Bless you, brother, for raising your question. What a prevalent problem this has become in our day and age. You are not alone in this.

Let me first say that, if you believe and trust in the Lord Jesus, he HAS set you free from this and all other sin. It no longer has a hold on you. That is the true wonder of the gospel. But I understand what you mean…

Romans 7:21-25 “So I find this law at work: Although I want to do good, evil is right there with me. For in my inner being I delight in God’s law; but I see another law at work in me, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within me. What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death? Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!”

That’s Paul the apostle speaking… if he struggled with sin, we’re in good company.

I’m with @SeanO… the Lord, by his Spirit, can work through us to change our sinful hearts and minds in this life. But this is a continual work until we are called to be with Him in glory on the last day.

My advice to you is to pray… and pray… and pray… and pray… and, well, you get the idea. Pray to the Lord to help you in this regard… and do so as James teaches in his letter. Not to be double-minded, but being sure and deliberate that you want the Lord to take the desire away from you. I think that we should determine our own minds in the right direction and pray to Him who is able to work in us. We will then discover that it was His Spirit guiding us the whole time. Or pray first even if you don’t feel like it… and keep praying about it until you do feel like it.

May I also encourage you to find someone close to you who you respect and trust to share this with, no matter how hard that may be… in order for them to pray and chat to you to encourage and challenge you closely in this matter. It is not something easy to deal with on your own and Lord graciously gave us the body of Christ that we might ‘spur one another on to love and good deeds’. Praise to our Lord Almighty.

I hope and pray that the Lord gives you strength and discipline and wisdom in your situation.


Hi Rex,

I appreciate the honest question. Admitting personal powerlessness and unmanageability over some sin in my life has been the first step toward wholeness of being. Jesus in the garden of gethsemane taught me much about humble surrender and claiming victory through submission to God. In His desert trial with the devil he also resisted sin/devil through submission to the Father. His Way is victory through surrender, His Truth is we can follow his design for living that works, His Truth will definitely set us free my friend. Life is what He offers— as I believe you know very deeply already. One person talking to another person in an honest and understanding way is helpful so thank you for stepping out in faith looking for connection to another person in solidarity. Clearing away the wreckage of the past is another good step. “All men of faith have courage” Rex and you my friend already have that in spades. Good news, Help is coming. Believe it!! Seek and we will find.

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I am living proof that he can. God freed me from the addiction of pornography some yrs ago. I’ll keep it short but one thing that is crucial in defeating an addiction like this is coming up with something that replaces the time. Being bored is the worst thing you can do for yourself when trying to get free from an addiction like this. You need to find something to fill up that time that you used to watch porn and remove all triggers. You also have to find the root cause of the addiction. For me it was sexual abuse that I had to address in counseling and also low self esteem.

And you have to remember that while surely God can deliver you instantly from porn it may not happen that way. I’m still in the process of recovery because there are times you still become tempted and there are times you do mess up. But resisting temptation is something you practice daily and you get better at it as you practice it just like any other skill. You’re pretty much retraining your mind to think differently and disciplining yourself.

I hope things go well for you :slight_smile:



Thank you for this very genuine, honest, and timely question.

Many of us have wrestled with pornography and while I absolutely affirm what @SeanO has already said, i.e. that Jesus can definitely, 100% set you free from any addiction, to include sexual addiction, we do need to see this temptation as a particularly difficult war to win. Let me make a few practical suggestions, but keep in mind that this whole process will feel like a war of attrition. Fighting sexual sin, because it is internal to us (see1 Cor 6:18), is prolonged conflict; it is not just one or two battles that need to be won, it is a process of perseverance. Moreover, the main, main, main thing is that you must never give up. The way most people cave in to the pressures of pornography is by wrongly thinking that God will not accept them back into His loving grace. That is not true! As long as we are on the battlefield of salvation, God, our commander, will always be guiding us, and no matter how often we get knocked down by an enemy blow, He will pick us back up when we return to Him.

That said, here are some application tips:

  1. Get into a community group right away with other Christians struggling with porn or sexual addiction. Do not try and fight this one alone. Actually there is no battle against sin we should fight alone, but this one is especially tricky. Thus, you need an accountability group. That said, make sure this is a group filled with mature believers. I would even emphasize finding a group with leaders and facilitators who are older gentlemen; men who have already been fighting the battle for a longer whil and who have experience in not only overcoming the temptations of porn or sexual addiction, but who also have experienced the sting of actual loss because of it. Find a group like this as soon as you can. I hope you have somewhere you can go, not every church has groups like this. If there is not a group like this around, you may have to start your own.

  2. Get those filters and blockers set up on your computer, tablet or phone. Make the effort now to set up physical safeguards that will make it more difficult to actually view the pornography. The key to breaking a porn habit is going to be altering the routine we find ourselves in; we need to be very aware of the routine that sets up the sin. Try and come up with new routines in times of strength that will help prevent you from looking at the porn in your times of weakness.

  3. Study about sexual addiction and how it works. Here are some invaluable resources by Dr. Mark Laaser. I would read some of these books and use as many of the resources provided here that you can get a hold of. Maybe even attend a workshop depending on where you live or how mobile you are.

I hope this helps. Remember, you are not alone, and never forget that you always can go back to the Lord anytime you fall. Just stay on the battlefield and the day of victory will come in time.

God bless,


Amen. Jesus is in the business of breaking all types of chains. Having had a 13 year eating disorder, all types, God had to teach me again that He is all I needed. One day, one step at a time. Every day is a Surrender to Jesus moment. LORD, break these addictions. Renew minds and hearts. “What is impossible for man, through God all things are possible.” Promised by the LORD God who spoke the world into existence. Who walked in the garden in the cool of the day with Adam. And the God, the Savior in the fiery furnace with Shad, Misch, and Abben. And the Slain Lamb of God who is coming back to take His children. Give it to Jesus. Expose everything to Him. Remember, you are the Righteousness of God in Jesus Christ. Profess Him and His truths over you. God is the author and finisher of your faith. No one can snatch you out of the Father’s hand. God bless you brother.

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@Mkibos Thank you for those kind words. Christ is victorious over sin and over death! Through the knowledge of God and of ourselves, and the power of the Spirit, we are more than conquerors. Once we are free, why ever go back to slavery? No - further up and further in! Praying that the Lord Jesus would remind you daily of His love and fill you with a sense of peace, hope and joy by the power of His Spirit :slight_smile:

Thanks. It has been awhile since I was struggling with eating disorders. Praise God! He is faithful. I think the LORD wanted me to learn about turning to other things before Him. He has to be our DRUG of Choice. I thank God, He taught me that I have to come to Him in Happy, Sad, Frustrating, and Depressing Times. And in the fight regardless of the who. Our warfare is spiritual. God broke those chains. I ask the LORD to heal me. But really journaling my prayers and realizations were a blessing for me. God is always ready to speak to us when we humbly submit to Him. He is always present. He knows. He sees. He forgives. He wants us to expose ourselves to Him in the midst of the disorder, sin, negative thinking, and ask him to renew our minds with His words. I am so grateful to the LORD for healing me. 13 years to wellness. Working out and getting strong also helped. A new standard for me as a woman. Muscles, agility, and strength were far better than being skinny. Praise God. Whatever you face is not you facing it. Yeshua-Jesus is the God of our Slavation. He saves us time and time again from ourselves. Thankfully, He is in it to win it! YHWH NISSI. The LORD God our Victory.

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