Practical Evangelistic Illustrations

Hi friends!
I’m giving an evangelistic talk next week at a youth camp and many of the teenagers that will be attending are not familiar with the gospel message. I’ve been given the passage Judges 4:10-24 and will be sharing how God meets the requirements for justice and is the giver of our value and demonstrates this through his son Jesus Christ.
Do you guys have any ideas how I could illustrate this practically?


Just an idea. The Bible project has a very good short video on the meaning of Justice. This may be of value to you. Check it out:
May God Grant you the words and organization to relay Jesus through you.


@AndrewIngram Personal opinion - I would pivot out of that passage. Sisera having a tent peg driven through his head does not strike me as a great evangelistic sermon. Somehow I think you need to pivot from Judges to the cross if they will not let you change the passage. Judges is all about justice gone wrong - what happens when men do what is right in their own eyes. You might be able to pivot with something like this:

Judges shows us a world without good and evil. Jesus shows us a world where we conquer evil with good. Judges shows us a world with no foundation for justice. Jesus shows how God so loved a world that was deserving of justice.

An illustration one of our Pastors shared recently on justice was good for youth. He described himeslf as a kid in a neighborhood where there was a band of rough 8th graders. The little kids were all afraid of going to the swing because these bad dudes might show up and be mean. He always imagined his father coming and setting those kids straight so that he and all the other kids could swing. I think what is nice about this illustration is it helps us understand that justice is not always a negative thing - people who are suffering terrible desire justice and freedom from oppression. Even in our own lives, God wants to set us free from the oppression of our own sin - we are like slaves who need to be set free.

I think Ravi really nails this particular topic of justice when he talks about how 4 things converge at the cross.

Evil, justice, love and forgiveness converge at the cross

My Christ grant you wisdom and open the eyes / hearts of the kiddos to know His love and truth!


@SeanO - Thanks for your insight. I thought the passage to be a little odd for an evangelistic talk as well. But I was planning of moving in the direction that you’ve suggested and am grateful for the video that you’ve shared. I knew Ravi had said something similar but I wasn’t able to find the video. You were a great help. Thanks!

@Keldon_Scott - Thank you, too! That was a wonderful illustration and I’m going to see how I can use it in my talk.


@AndrewIngram Sure thing! Let us know how it goes - prayers are with you :slight_smile: