Pray at work?

I have a decision to make at work, and would appreciate some feedback from the community.

My company is based in the Midwestern US, and has a corporate culture of praying before big meetings or group meals - a habit established by the founder. It has been six years since the founder passed, and these days we are owned by an EU-based conglomerate. Next week we will have the first big company event to be livestreamed to colleagues in the UK and Sweden, and I’m wondering whether a typical prayer will be positive or negative for this new international group.

The EU president has already advised against it, citing a diversity of participant faiths (or non-faiths) East of the Atlantic (and he’s right, I’m familiar with this diversity first-hand). I am personally willing to do anything that would help influence people towards Christ, but I wonder if an unexpected prayer in a corporate setting would be more jarring than thought-provoking.

I saw something similar this summer before an open water swim competition in the Cayman Islands, where a local pastor prayed before/after the swim while nearby competitors quietly ridiculed the prayer as it was happening. That experience made me wonder about the effectiveness of the prayer then, and now I’m wondering about a prayer at my event next week.

The event will unfold as I script it. What’s your advice on achieving the most positive outcome?


Dear Philip,
Thanks for sharing with the family. I really admire your desire to influence people towards Christ within this corporate setting. Given the context you have described it seems that a prayer at that time might rub off wrongly on others. Perhaps if the founder were present the scenario and reception would be different since all would probably have joined the company knowing the founder’s values.
However, If you are concerned that the prayer might be counter productive or potentially build a wall that could hinder potential evangelistic opportunities then it might be better to also reconsider. Especially, if there would be more opportunities ( presentations , get togethers etc) to engage these colleagues in thought provoking conversations.

Since it is your desire to shine the light of Christ- as you pray, the Lord would bring about the timing and opportunities for you take steps in that direction without the risk of potentially turning them off even if that not the intention.
May the peace of our Lord guard you heart and you decide…

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Just before the livestream, could your local group just meet a wee early to pray first amongst yourselves? That may help keep the peace with a business that needs to maintain certain equality standards, while a close knit team honors their bond and practices.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:


Nice. Right now that’s Plan A. This idea came up in conversation with the EU president as well.

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Thank you Nancy. I appreciate your added dimension of prayerfully looking for other opportunities to engage; I’ll admit I hadn’t thought of that! This is only one day in many to come, isn’t it?