Pray for nigeria @59

Today 1st October 2019 makes Nigeria’s 59th year of INDEPENDENCE since 1st October 1960.

The questions often ask are something like this. As a Nation…

  1. How far have we gone since independence?
  2. Are we truly independent and free?
  3. Why are we suffering this much?
  4. What has been the impact of the church since independence?
  5. Where have we got it wrong and what is the way forward.
  6. What is true religion and how should it impact the citizenry?
  7. What is true Justice and freedom of human rights?
  8. Where do we find hope for the future generation?
  9. What is the answer to the economic, financial and moral crisis we faced?

Please join us in prayers as we ask God to heal our Nation Nigeria.
Pray for peace and prosperity especially in Northern Nigeria. Pray that the Gospel penetrates the stronghold and forces of Islam in Nigeria. Pray that our leader get wisdom and the fear of God to do the right thing. Pray that the wickedness of the evil one will no longer prevail in Nigeria. Pray that Jesus be enthrone in all our institutions beginning from family members and pray that there be a spiritual revival in Nigeria.

Thank you for standing by us.
Grace and more Grace.


I was just sitting in my office yesterday, reading about Nigeria in the VOM October edition. The stories of suffering, persecution and grief blew my mind. The strength, courage, love and forgiveness I read about, humbled me beyond measure. I was overwhelmed with compassion. As I looked through the magazine, staring at the expressions on all the faces of those who were now Christians, I was amazed. You could see the pain behind their eyes and at the same time, you could see joy. There was a photo of Boko Haram leader Abubakar and a group of extremest. I stared at that photo as well and I saw anger, lostness and exhaustion. I pray the Lord will open their eyes and hearts to follow Him.
The committment to follow Christ in Northern Nigeria is something beyond what I could ever imagine. I will most certainly join you in prayer :pray::heart:


Hello @sig

Amen and thank you. Amazingly, only few among the upper classes can admit that some things are just not right with the systems.

Despite all the odds we are still happy people. Yes!! we covet your prayers.


Heavenly Father, You alone are God and show Yourself involved in every detail throughout the history of mankind. We praise you for giving us life, salvation, joy, peace and love that manifests in an overflow of witness to those who don’t know You. We lift up our brothers and sisters in Nigeria that you may strengthen and refresh them in your Spirit daily. We ask for your compassion, wisdom and mercy to become a reality in the leadership and government of Nigeria, that all may know true liberty that is found in You alone. As we know all good things are an outpouring of your Goodness, may this nation be transformed into one that knows You in close relationship and they experience the abundance of a life that has foundation in You. May your children who so faithfully serve you in Nigeria persevere in their witness and remain true to the incredible task to which You have called them knowing You provide what is needed for each situation. May they serve You in confidence always remembering they have Your ear and access to the Throne of the Almighty. Please transform this nation to be blessed and dominated by the Holy Spirit Who brings peace between men and between God and men.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,
the people he chose for his inheritance.
From heaven the Lord looks down
and sees all mankind;
from his dwelling place he watches
all who live on earth—
he who forms the hearts of all,
who considers everything they do.
Psalm 33:12-15 NIV


Amen and Amen.
@BloomHere. Thank you for praying sincerely for Nigeria. I believe that God can transform Nigeria to a Nation that fears and know the Lord in a unique way by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Thank you for standing by us in prayers.

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