Pray until we pray

Christian, seek not yet repose,

cast your dreams of ease away: you are in the midst of foes— watch and pray.

Principalities and powers, mustering their unseen array, wait for your unguarded hours— watch and pray.

Put your heavenly armour on, wear it always night and day; Hidden lies the evil one— watch and pray.

Hear, above all, hear your Lord, whose commands you love to obey, treasure in your heart his word— watch and pray.

Watch, as if on that alone

hung the issue of the day;

pray that victory shall be won— watch and pray.

What a wonderful hymn exhorting us to pray until we pray, as the puritans said.


This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it, Amy! It is a strong reminder to enter each moment armed for battle! :heart:

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Absolutely, Belle. I certainly feel under attack at present. My lovely Doctor rang me today and one of the blood test results is slightly elevated. I am not explaining it as medically as she did but it is as though my thyroid is trying to get out of control again. She recommended a further blood test in 3 months and, if need be, I shall go onto meds. I have been 11 years in remission so that is not bad but I would love to stay well and for my autoimmune disease not to be triggered. I need to stay calm over the next few months to try to reverse this. It is in the Lord’s hands. Another test of faith.:blush:

I will be praying for you, Amy! I have thyroid issues too, so I totally understand this. I am sorry this season is difficult. Standing with you dear sister! :heart:

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